Good iPhone, Good iPhone, Here’s a Cookie

In honor of Bear being my dog for six years, I took her for a walk out at the Refuge which wasn’t any kind of refuge. The sky looked stormy. The weather forecast said we had a 100% chance of rain and the wind was blowing 15 mph. I HOPED. I YEARNED. We went…

It was hot. It was muggy (never happens here… but…) There was no wind to speak of. It was beautiful looking, but… In a way it didn’t matter because we were happy to be out there together. We wore our bug repelling bandanas which seem to work. There were the usual objects of wonder (ha ha “usual”) and two Monarch butterflies enjoying life by the trees, pursued (?) by a dragon fly. The problem is that if you stop to savor something, a deer fly will attempt to savor you so…

I was keeping the deer flies off my livestock guardian dog most of the way back to the car.

BUT… When I came home I looked at my “phone of all work” to see how far we’d walked. I was surprised by the amount of data it had obligingly collected about my walking. It was very cool to see all this and some of it was very reassuring.

Walking isn’t always easy for me and I’m very sad and embarrassed by this. Also, a little hopeless since I used to walk very fast and I used to run — almost daily — at least 6 miles with my dogs on the sharp hill trails of the chaparral and mountains of San Diego County. Then when I was 52, things started wearing out, and I got a hip replacement when I was 54 years and 363 days old, another in 2018. Both knees are arthritic and one probably needs to retire itself and go bionic. I just don’t want to. One leg is shorter than the other; THAT leg…

I figured I must have a pronounced limp. I figured I must have shortened steps. I figured a lot of things, but my phone has monitored all this for me in detail. Last night I learned that I don’t limp to any great extent; my walk is “asymmetrical” only by 1.6 %. I learned that my step length is a decent 24 inches. Not bad for a person with a 28 inch inseam. I learned that I have very good balance. I don’t walk especially fast — 2.5 mph — but maybe I do. Out at the Refuge — anywhere here — I stop and look at things very often. My hiking pal taught me that there’s no reason to hurry and she is right. I’m not out there mainly for the sake of the walk, but for the beauty.

I could have learned a lot of this by looking at the soles of my shoes but whatever. The phone is prettier. Anyway, so all this time I’ve been out there, self-conscious and feeling weird about walking so slowly, limping, and all that, and none of it has been the case at all. I’m just another older lady out for a walk with my dog. That is so cool.

Thanks science.

The featured photo is the day. Beautiful! On the way home the Sainted Car Radio played The Who, “Love Reign on Me” and I changed “reign” to “rain” because we need it so much.

21 thoughts on “Good iPhone, Good iPhone, Here’s a Cookie

  1. Sometimes it is interesting to have all those details, but it is the doing that matters, without the doing you’d never have seen that fantastic sky and got that great photo! My android records how far I walk in a day, but I’ve never explored to see if it has all those details!

      • I understand. Me too. So I bottle up the days like this. My life and injuries up to this age of 51 has resulted in β€œI’m OK Im not running {I used to run} and I wish I could hike longer~and the weather makes all the difference. My iPhone shared I broke my activity goal yesterday and I found those days as victories. πŸ™ŒπŸ»
        Update on Dad ~Surgeon couldn’t do what he planned {Dad’s heart has too much scarring}~he had a great plan B that we pray works. I’ll see him tomorrow. πŸ’šπŸ€—

    • :O Human anatomy is a strange thing. I look MUCH taller when I’m sitting down. I’ve worked in offices with people who were surprised, suddenly, to have me stand up and be only 5’1″. One co-worker said, “Martha! You’re short!” like it was news to me. πŸ˜€

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