9 thoughts on “Sung Dynasty Poetry

  1. Congrats to your find! Those are wonderful poems! As you know there are the famous “300 Tang Dynasty poems” every scholar had to study in old China and they sure are womdeful. In a way I find some of the Song Dynasty poems more appealing. Reading and reflecting on a poem from time to time is likely to be more enjoyable than reading them all at once.

      • Yes, I don’t stop feeling amazed! How priviledged we are! Finding, exchanging, studying…all at our fingertips. And shared in seconds with friends all over the world. Just to imagine I would have told someone like my graondfather that this would be possible some day…..

        • I was thinking about this last night. If it hadn’t been for my Indian blogging pal, I never would have written my China book. I wrote it because he was in Guangzhou, posting photos of my old “neighborhood” and said he wondered what it was like before modernization. Well, I know what it was like. I wanted to show him which inspired me to scan all those old slides and they, in turn, inspired me to tell my small story. I really think this is all very wonderful.

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