Yesterday I took the kids who live up their alley and their mom to the Rio Grande County Museum. I guess it was a field trip. I had some notecards to take and a book to return to Louise who runs the museum. It seemed like a good idea and it was. The kids met me in the alley 100% filled with enthusiasm and carrying presents. Their mom is teaching them to sew, and I am one of the people who reaps the sometimes very bizarre rewards of this, but I like it. And there was a 4th of July card the little girl had made me. But cutest of all was that the little girl was wearing her favorite dress and the hat that makes her “look like a grown lady.” Everyone was spiffed up and excited. I drove and the kids sat in a back seat for the first time without boosters. Childhood today is a species apart from childhood in the 50s as many old people have mentioned before me.

Nothing notable happened which is great. I made a little money from the sale of notecards and a garden sign to Louise. They had been given goodie bags. For the 4th of July, Louise had wrapped bandanas around American flags and candy for people coming into the museum.

The kids’ mom was most impressed by the exhibit of Stampede Queens of the past (rodeo queens from the Monte Vista Stampede). She knew a bunch of them and one had been her babysitter. It was cool. In the gift shop, the kids were most impressed by the notecard of my painting of the adobe potato cellar, “I’ve seen that!” they exclaimed. “A lot of times!” Well, they are all over the place down here, but they are nowhere else in the world. There’s one halfway between Monte Vista and Del Norte — the one I painted. I told the kids to look out for it, but they missed it. Their mom saw it. 🙂

It doesn’t take kids long to examine a museum that’s as big as a four bedroom house so before an hour was over, we we on our way back home. We all had a good time. Their mom and I decided field trips are a good idea.

When I got the idea of this field trip I thought about how I would never ever take those kids somewhere without their mom. Then I thought of all the years I took the Boys on Bikes to the BMX jumps and never thought about anything bad that could happen. Of course the mom in charge knew me and it was fine with her, but it really was insane by today’s standards (I think). Two boys in the front seat of the Ford Ranger with me and four or six in the back of the truck (topper and carpet kit) with all the bikes and two dogs. I told the kids’ mom the story and she said, “Well we’re all reckless when we’re young.”

I said, “I wasn’t young. I was your age.” She’s just 40.

As for the story I was writing for “Bill” who’s afraid. I finished it, l and I recorded myself reading it, put it on Youtube and sent the link to my step-grandson’s mom. I don’t know if it’s a good story or not or if I read it well or not. My dogs, however, loved the entire 17 minutes. The whole time Bear was on my right, Teddy on my left, and I was petting them. Periodically Bear’s nose pops up in the video. Later, when I played it back, they liked it just as much. I guess they like my voice. ❤ It would be fun to illustrate that story, but I have a couple of other projects hanging fire.

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  1. The little girl wore her favorite dress and a hat…oh, Martha. You know how special this day was to her?! I love it.

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