Quotidian Update 43.7.13.xi

I learned a lot during these past two days while I’ve been sitting in front of this screen. I learned that smaller images take up less space in the memory I might be buying from WP. Obvious but I never thought of posting smaller images. I learned that text takes up virtually no space so I could delete images wildly and leave the text for me to sort through later. I’ve also realized that if I used my google photos as a source for photos I’d save memory on my blog. The featured photo is of a small town in Eastern Washington. In trying to find the name of the town on the map, I see there is a Lamont, Washington and also a Fishtrap. Wow. I think the photo was taken in Sprague on my trip up there in 2008.

I also learned that setting up a blog that’s all about painting was a pleasure, almost like buying a new house with an awesome studio.

One thing I noticed migrating the art/painting posts over to the new blog is that I kind of like ultramarine blue, you know? Like a LOT. There is a deluge of discourse over there about it as IF there were no other great blues. OH well. And having written THAT, I’m in danger writing another one justifying why I like it so much so I’ll move on.

I plan to spend some time over there making it into a kind of cohesive “book” as opposed to a daily journal of random thoughts.

On the political front, though I’m mostly staying away from it, I heard the 1 minute speech “our” congress-slut gave yesterday in which she defined freedom. Just so you know. Freedom means the government doesn’t tell us what we can and cannot eat. What we can drive. Freedom means we can have barbecues on the Fourth of July. And it means we don’t have to wear a ‘face diaper’. And I thought that — considering what comes out of her mouth — a mask would be exactly that, a face diaper.

American politics remains a shit-show which is to be expected. Biden has only been president for a little over 5 months. He has a lot to contend with — philosophical discord in his own party and an “opposing” party the leader of which has vowed to stop anything Biden tries to do. Yesterday, in honor of American Independence Day, he gave a speech that said we were, “Together again,” but he knows better. I mean I’m challenged to be “together” even in my little town where everyone has always been nice to me. What’s it like in other parts of the country where the hatred is active?

But maybe things are better than I think as this op ed in the Washington Post indicates.

Still…Bear and Teddy were bothered by the fireworks, particularly Bear. I gave Bear a Benadryl before they started and that helped a little. But she still crawled up into my lap with her elbow in my groin area (ouch!) and I spent a little time consoling this giant dog who can chase away bears (???).

A little later I looked out the window and saw a fantastic sunset was going on, so I leashed her and we walked over to the empty (Yay!) golf course to see the “fireworks.” I didn’t take my phone or you would see a marginally effective image of it. On the way home, the kids were waiting in their back yard. I was happy to see them, as was Bear. Their dad came out too, mostly to tell them it was time to get in the car to drive to Alamosa to see the fireworks, but we did what grownups do on the Fourth of July, we reminisced about 4ths of our youth. I understand that now; it’s transmitting context and history to children as well as getting to know each other better by sharing experiences.

Then a young couple with an off-leash little schnauzer thing walked by. I said, “Uh-oh” and pulled Bear very close and turned her head to the fence. “D-O-G! D-O-G!”

The little girl looked puzzled for a minute and said, “OH! Dog!”

“Shhhh,” I said, “Bear knows that word, but she can’t spell. Just spell it.”

The little girl nodded in understanding, but said, “I can’t say ‘dog’ around Bear?”

Her dad, her little brother and I all said, “NO! D-O-G! Spell it! Don’t say it!”

“OK. I won’t say dog.”

We all yelled, “D-O-G!”

The couple was great, though. They just laughed and hurried past before Bear could see their D-O-G.

Thank you everyone who’s checked out and followed my painting blog, My Thoughts on Art and Painting

21 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 43.7.13.xi

  1. I walked Toulouse to a neighbor’s for a BBQ. It was more people and dogs than he’d seen in months. He was utterly exhausted when we walked back home (about 650 yards). But he was happy.

  2. Ophelia commiserates with Bear and Teddy. She hates the fireworks too! Any sudden loud noises, even the ting of the baseball bat will send her scurrying, which is a bit of a problem as there at several diamonds behind the house.

  3. Oh, good so I suppose I could go out and murder someone in the name of “freedumb?” I think I’ll start slowly and just not wear a seatbelt. F*** the police! I mean….err…..freedom!

    • Seriously. I had a Japanese student once who made the point in class that all freedom means in America (in comparison to Japan) is we have a greater choice of ice cream, sandwiches and cold cereal. A German student said, “Ja! So many kinds of corn flakes!” All breakfast cereal was corn flakes to her. But I remember when people protested wearing seatbelts as a violation of their freedom of choice. I even have an acquaintance HERE who won’t wear a seatbelt. Anyone who doesn’t put their actual living and breathing life near the top of their priorities isn’t to be trusted.

  4. LOL!

    Our border Collie mix can spell. If we say C-A-R you should see her ears perk up. Same thing for W-A-L-K. When she perks up, our Brittany picks up on it instantly. Now we have two crazy dogs want to go with us.

    No doubt she is studying sign language as I write this.

    • I think dogs like border collies learn sign language. My Australian shepherd knows all kinds of hand signals and reads the expression on my face. 😀

  5. It’s been a rough couple of days for Finley. Too many gatherings, other big dogs that thought she was a small play toy, fireworks, and a loved one who REALLY thought Finley should partake in our feast ~I left her alone to kayak a couple of hours this morning to just BE. She started eating grass (has NEVER before). Her stomach making noises I’ve never heard. I know it’s upset and combined with stress? Poor girl. There were a lot of D-O-G-S this weekend. I’m partial to Finley, Teddy, and Bear. 🤭🤗❤️

    • My d-o-g-s are beat. Poor Finley. We all three want summer to go away. Bear’s exhausted from the stress of two nights of fireworks AND thunder-storms. Teddy is wondering, “What’s the point of life if I can’t ever go for a walk?” but the deer flies are terrible and very attracted to his black fur. I keep telling them in a month and a half things will get good again, but I’m maybe a little optimistic. OH well. All we can do is put a good face on things and take whatever walks we can. ❤ to you too.

  6. Photos: not only will smaller sizes take up less of WP’s allotted space on your blog but those of us will slow internet will appreciate how much easier they load. On a computer screen, small photos look just as good as the large files. It’s a pain taking the extra step to reduce the size of the original but I’ve learned that with practice it’s quick and easy.

    D-O-G-S: Note to self: don’t pack up your house and prepare to move during July 4th holiday. My boys were already stressed and anxious, knowing something’s up over a week’s worth of packing but not sure what, certain they’re going to be left behind so sticking to me like Velcro. Then the fireworks started last night, including morons a mile down the hill shooting aerial fireworks (illegal even on private land in Idaho) which we weren’t expecting so we were outside. Conall wimpered and crashed through the dog door to get inside and kept whimpering, which he’s never done. I’ve never seen him so terrified. Awful. Soon after that unexpected assault, the expected display across the valley (an annual thing) started and continued for a good 30 minutes, boom boom boom. Finn’s hearing is so bad now that he made it through okay but Conall didn’t calm down until well after midnight. I find the entire idea of fireworks – which anyone with any awareness has to know scares the shit out of pets and wildlife – insane, and those who shoot them off incredibly selfish.

    • I discovered WP actually lets you choose the size of your images in settings. I just truly never thought about reducing the size of my photos. I just write and put in a picture. But I might do things differently. This morning I connected WordPress to my google photos. We’ll see.

      Bear and Teddy were exhausted all day today. Bear whimpered last night after I went to bed — a combination of being unable to get to me to protect me and for solace. She NEVER does that. Once the fireworks stopped, the thunder started. Bear didn’t want breakfast this morning. I think fireworks are meaningless, selfish and stupid, though good for the Chinese economy. Since I pretty much hate this country at this point, any celebration over the “greatness” and “freedom” seemed completely ridiculous.

  7. I couldn’t find a spot to respond over on the other site, but I will say, your art is genious. I am in love with what you do. \Your use of colour, the design the detail, the beauty just grab me. I love love love your work and I love the descriptive write on all of it.

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