So Far so Good

I’ve dumped most of the images on this blog that were posted in the distant past (4 years ago and beyond) and a few from the recent past, and I think I’ll be good to go for a while. The new blog is fun to put together and look at and I appreciate everyone who’s followed it.

It’s funny how I (all of us?) write the same thing over and over. I felt weird realizing that, then I thought it’s probably comforting not just to write about beans every year but for people to read about beans every year, especially given the instability of our world in these times.

On that note, the beans are doing OK. They love the hot days (Bear and I hate them) and warm(ish) nights. Some of them aren’t going to get to any decent size this summer but it’s OK. I decided that naming them might be laying too much of a burden on them so for now they’re just beans, though only time will tell if they will assume their identities. A couple that I planted from seeds are growing with great passion and enthusiasm. The only bean from spring who — I mean that — is doing really well is Tu Fu though Pearl Buck is doing pretty well and is the only one so far to (almost) bloom. Oh well. I guess they have names after all…

And for anyone who wants to know…your writing doesn’t take up any appreciable space on your blog. It’s the photos which probably everyone knew but me 😉 .

33 thoughts on “So Far so Good

  1. My yard is so overgrown. We’ve been in this house for 25 years and still the wisteria will NOT DIE! I was out in the front yard today–where it is shady in the morning–and feel good for what I did, but the backyard needs my attention. Too sunny and too many mosquitos out back. I bought these twisty things that you are supposed to put on your ankle/wrist and…no mosquito bites! I’ve not tried it yet. My expectations are low. Wal-Mart. Eighty-eight cents for one. We’ll see…

  2. Yes, it’s the photos that do it every time. I learned pretty early to use a resizing program so that my pictures take up less space but they still seem to display well. They just wouldn’t stand being downloaded and enlarged but that’s OK by me. I have the originals. I try not to upload any photos larger than 1MB so I still have plenty of space.

  3. I can’t imagine posting a blog without including pictures. That seems almost sacrilege! How will they know what the piece is about if I don’t include a close-up of the jello I made? (Today’s post. Not my best. Sadly, not my worst either. It is at least short.)

    I would report on my lovely beans, but they are still only about three inches high. I will be lucky to see any before August.

    • I know — but I took the photos off older blog posts that no one reads and that gave me space and I can go back and take from those posts what I want and dump the rest. No hurry now to do anything. I got enough space for a long time. 🙂

  4. I haven’t put anything up on Narble Furt Lives in at least 2 months, maybe three. Maybe I just go do something there just to pretend I’m productive. 🙂

      • No, my partner is an ancient Catahoula, half-deaf, whom I accompany on noseful strolls. I’m only there to keep him out of the road. He has zero car sense. The rest of it belongs to him. He used to herd me. Now, I herd him.

        • I wasn’t sure tonight when Bear was on her lap who was guarding whom. But I took her out for a walk (unbelievable sunset, no camera) and she calmed down a bit. Fireworks. 😦

  5. You can’t give the beans names then take them back, I don’t think they’d like that. Glad to hear your beans are doing well.

  6. I really enjoyed gardening. Being nomadic has definitely made that impossible. I do manage to travel with a few succulents.

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