It’s very hot here in Heaven and the Scarlet Emperor Beans are digging it. A couple of those I believed were dead in the frost (but didn’t dig out) are sending up new life from their roots. The seeds I planted in the garden to replace the dead (not dead) beans have also come up.

Among those who didn’t die — but who seemed to have succumbed to frost — are Li Bai, Wang Wei and Lao She. I know you just want pictures, not my lame rhapsodic bean prose, so here you go:

I’m waiting and seeing who makes it and how they get along together.

In other news, the challenges I’ve been facing with my new phone seem to be related to being here in the back-of-beyond. When I go to a city I’ll be able to get the thing to work. I guess. Meanwhile I have a beautiful new camera and one fancy iPod. I took these photos with my old iPhone SE

18 thoughts on “Beans!

    • I will! It’s all an experiment with those guys. It’s a little strange to love beans so much but I do love them. πŸ™‚ So do the hummingbirds. It’s wonderful to stand in the middle of the beans when they’re blooming and having a hummingbird hanging out with you.

  1. And all this time I thought these beans were of Chinese origin! So how is it you haven’t named them after South American poets and authors? The way I understand it, as long as there is a little wine, the poets will all get along!! (I’m very happy for your beans and the back-up beans.) Sparky was out tonight planting more beans since his first set was planted prior to the rabbit proof fence being in place and most were eaten before they were even 4″ tall….

    • Scarlet Emperor doesn’t sound very South American. πŸ™‚ I wish Sparky the best of luck with his second bean crop. So far so good with mine, but time will tell. There are suddenly a LOT of them out there but there were a LOT of them in the house, too.

  2. Everybody is looking happy! Beans are a tougher than they look, or so I am learning.
    Mine were doing great in the house, but soon as I put them outside, I thought they were goners. I think the wind beat them up pretty good, but looking today, they seem to have bounced back. I actually had one small bean off them before I even got them in the ground.

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