This Post has Gone to the Dogs

These are my pals — Teddy Bear T. Dog (little guy) and Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog (“Yeti” gives it away, I think). They are dogs. I’ve always hung out a lot with my dogs but I feel a bit more “together” with these two as a result of the necessities of the past year.

Dogs are very good at “together.” Recently another dog visited — Frosty — and he soon found his way to be together with Teddy and Bear. (My house is not as ugly as it looks in this photo)

As you see, they are “togethering” like the pros they are

He came together with his person who discovered a lot about Frosty. Until their visit he thought his dog was a pain in the butt but learning how well his dog traveled, how much his dog enjoyed it, how well his dog fit in with other dogs, and seeing that there are dogs worse on a leash than his own (Teddy was a little nuts on our mutual walk), my friend has realized Frosty is a prince among dogs — and he is.

Frosty and his human. Sangre de Cristos in the background. I’m sure Frosty doesn’t remember, but he was born in the San Luis Valley.

It’s no secret that I like dogs. I like being together with them. I don’t have many photos of me together with all my dogs over the years. We didn’t have camera phones and most of the time when I was out being together with my dogs, we were the only beings in the wide world. Here are some of the few photos of some of the great dogs I’ve been together with.

Maggie, Truffle and Molly — my first three dogs

19 thoughts on “This Post has Gone to the Dogs

    • I do. I wish I had photos of all 27 of them. As a little kid I wanted a dog, more than anything. I think dogs have been my life’s great achievement. 😀

  1. Lovely photos. I was wondering in the first photo who was taking who for a walk. I think the dogs were taking you.

  2. I know you know this, but all of your dogs are/were so beautiful. Molly, especially, has such pretty markings.

    • Thank you. I was lucky to know them all. Molly was also a wonderful friend, one of the best of my life. ❤ Like Bear she smiled (curled up her lip and showed her teeth) at people she was happy to see which was a little freaky if you didn't know what she was doing. She didn't really bark, just a woo-woo thing that sometimes sounded like "Hello." I was so lucky to have been her human.

  3. And the best thing is that they are still “with you” and you can remain “together” if only in happy memories and on beautiful trail runs… We’ve owned 2 Aussies and I imagine the next dog will also be an Aussie or perhaps a Border Collie.

  4. The love I have for dogs, and my own who have loved me back, is so pure, genuine, and spiritual. I love Teddy, Bear, and all the pictures of your precious ones. The smile on your face says it all. Beautiful. 🐶❤️🤗

    • I agree. It’s transcendent love. It doesn’t need any explanation it’s just absolute and profound — sometimes scary as in the case of Ariel who was a wolf/husky mix and was ready to do anything to be my only dog. I have had the many of the greatest moments of my life with my dogs. ❤ Bear and Teddy send love to you and Finn.

  5. They all look like the wonderful dogs that you describe them as in your writing. I wish I had more photos of my earlier dogs. I have loads of Cindy because I had a digital camera by the time she came along but the others I don’t have as many of. I don’t think I even have a photo of Tammy, my first dog, as a puppy.

      • Yes, the cost of film and processing for one thing. Only have a limited number of shots on each film. You had to really plan when you could use the camera and we didn’t have the photo editing tools to fix the bad shots . Only hobbyists who had darkrooms could do that.

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