Quotidian Update 357.22.ai/2-0

Summer has arrived. The fan is in the bedroom window. His name is Edmund. (ha ha)

As the word for the day — sawyer — is related to forestry, the season for prescribed burns in the mountain forests has passed, and I hope they were able to get a lot accomplished in that brief window of time between mountain accessibility (brief spring) and summer’s dry heat. We’re looking at a hot dry summer and the likelihood of fire.

Summer will also test the philosophical foundations of both my big white dog and me. The season of brushing her has begun. Big white dogs seem to have two undercoats compared to my husky’s one. Bear seems seasonally designed to contend with ordinary cold and very cold. As much as she loves the cold, she will come inside when it’s VERY cold (-15 F). Luckily, she likes being brushed and the undercoats come loose when it warms up. Bear regards it as a bonding activity.

The rest of summer? Stuff I hate like mowing the lawn… If I had any courage at all, I’d turn into a full on eccentric and NEVER mow it and NEVER water it, but I’m too conventional.

As you see, I have really nothing at all to write. The new book — Finding Refuge — is now New and Improved (though not seen on TV) and ready for people to read. You can get it here on Amazon or from me.

10 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 357.22.ai/2-0

    • Yeah, it will take until September to finish brushing Bear. She’s so big and has those two undercoats it’s just a kind of Zen activity or something… And I have to take a shower when I’m done.

  1. We finally broke down and have someone cut our front yard (the backyard is my wild playground). Our yard is on a slope and it was becoming too tiring for my husband. Young guy comes by every two weeks to do our yard and the yard next door. Our big splurge.

    • I had a guy but he showed up whenever he wanted to not when he said he would so I fired him (“I can’t afford this any more, sorry.”) My yard is small and flat and there’s no reason for me to hate it so much except I just do. 😀

  2. Ranger used to shed terribly. I always thought it was a waste to toss all his fur. I wish there had been someone to use it to make yarn… As for your yard, there is a house in town that has a completely wild flower infested yard. In the summer it continually blooms and is just wonderful. In the winter it looks like a mess – dead plants and bare ground. That just wouldn’t fly in our neighborhood – we have a HOA and there are rules! (but I’ve thought that if I could get away with it I’d love to cover the yard with decorative rock.)

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