Beautiful Post About Color

If you love color, passion and good writing, you will also love this post!

Color fascinates me because, in fact, they might not even be actually THERE since all of the colors in the non-light spectrum result from how light is reflected from a surface.

I was really lucky to have had a dad who was interested in this too. My first science project was a box in which I demonstrated the different spectrum of light. I think I wrote about it somewhere. Here I wrote about mineral colors. Here I wrote about my science project on the light spectrum.

Maybe I should go paint something…

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Post About Color

  1. An artist will know better than most people how changeable colour is: shadows are not black, your skin is different colours in different light, and (as you once posted about) apples are every colour other than red.

  2. Light is a fascinating thing and color is all part of it. What I find mesmerizing is how the brain sees light and color. And the fact that there is a time lag from what is to what is perceived. That means that we are seeing things that are in the past, never in the present!! It boggles the mind which is working to keep up with what is happening!

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