Little Covid Book Published

After enduring a lot of rigamarole on Amazon to get my cover to work I realized I was dealing with a browser issue and switched. Voila! The little book about being in the back of beyond for the past year as the pandemic hit hard here and there, is published. It’s not going to be a best seller, which is OK. It’s titled Finding Refuge and it’s available here: Amazon

There is nothing new inside, but I discovered that, as I put it together with some intention, it’s an interesting journey into determined optimism. It was impossible to avoid politics completely, but there is very little politics in the book. At first I thought of doing drawings, but as it evolved I saw the photos were OK in black and white, actually fit the content of the book. There is a whole very colorful world out here, but last year, some of life’s color really did drain away.

It was a good project and it turned out to be very compelling. I just hope I got all the entries in chronological order. 🙂

26 thoughts on “Little Covid Book Published

    • Publishing on Amazon is pretty easy but the hard part is selling books. I revised this one yesterday, so if you can can cancel your Amazon order and wait until day after tomorrow.

      • I cancelled it last night and they were going to send me an email. Yes, marketing. I’m on my 2nd marketing class through Children’s Book Insider. I’ve reached out for sponsorship and have scheduled to go to two schools. I’ve hooked up with my local bank, coffee shops, and now hopefully, Camping World, to help me. I don’t like marketing myself. So I’ve learned to take “selling myself” (that sounds bad anyway lol) off out of my vocabulary to say “advocate”. I’m advocating my work. I don’t like social media all that much. But I’m using the IG platform more and more. I’m not on FB~but I don’t think I’m going to “need” it.

        • I think your book is eminently salable. Facebook has a nice feature which is you can make a page for your book which people can Google and reach out to you. Of course to do this you need a personal Facebook page. I have one but I’m not big on it. The problem is that in this remote Valley people use Facebook the way other places use Craigslist or the want ads or the newspaper. That’s a facet of Facebook that people don’t think about in general. It’s great for tying a large (in area) community together. Here’s my Facebook page for my books:

          The great thing about it is that it’s free.

          I learned that I will go to lengths for my work that I would never go to for myself. Like you, I make a psychological distinction between my work and me. 🙂

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