Art Shed and Mercury Retrograde

Before I moved here, I had an Art Shed. I built it with money I inherited from my Aunt Martha. It was a small — 8′ x 8′ foot — blissful little sanctuary. It was only 10 feet or so from my house, not a continent away, but it felt like it.

I thought it was important to read the hand-writing on the wall

In other news — Li Bai — whom I’d given up for dead — is sending out leaves. I am happy about that because he and Tu Fu were always good friends and I hated the thought that Tu Fu might be wandering in the garden of Scarlet Emperor Beans on his own.

Yesterday was a stupid annoying frustrating futile day and I’m about to believe in astrology. Mercury IS retrograde. This is exactly the kind of stuff that is supposed to happen under these astrological conditions.

I’ve been exiled from Twitter which is probably for the best but why? Because my new cell phone wouldn’t connect to the phone network so I couldn’t start the countdown to my reinstatement. I don’t think I care. I don’t think Twitter is a very healthy place for me, so no big deal.

But still, a phone should work as a phone so…

After two hours on chat with my cellphone company yesterday attempting to teach the phone to find the tower (which is 1 mile away) we decided that it could very well be that the phone wasn’t OK. Stupid me, I tore up the old SIM card for the old phone when my new phone was activated and working — which lasted for 4 days. They’re sending me a new phone. This has made me think about phones. Back in the day we had a phone at home. That was it. It wasn’t so bad. I started to look at land lines…

But the land line option is probably just a “thought” born of irritation. It’s another $30/month and while the nostalgia factor of an answering machine has some appeal, I dunno… Seems silly. I resisted getting a smart phone, but 7 years ago, when I got my first one, I decided I like them.

18 thoughts on “Art Shed and Mercury Retrograde

  1. A mobile phone is an insidious convenience. With mine, I have a love/hate relationship. I’m feeling the same way about commercial email. The chunks of time I spend dealing with both are increasing. Maddening.

    • I really like my phone, but I don’t do much with it other than take photos and talk to two friends. BUT I live in a wild and wooly place and it’s nice to have it working when I head over the mountains in winter. BUT people did that on covered wagons so I’m clearly a wusss…

      • The “love” part of my phone relationship involves the convenience and the contact with friends and family. It can also be entertaining. The dependence that’s grown around it is, sometimes, embarrassing. But I reckon it’s in my pocket to stay…unless I conveniently leave it on the charger all day.

  2. An art shed is a nice space to have! I still have a land line that I should get rid of, as telemarketers and scammers are the only people who call me on it. I’ve finally got the other two that used to call me on there now calling my cell. Silly the things that feel strange to give up.

  3. Love the shed Martha. I still have a landline as my mobile phone reception isn’t all that flash. I have to outside to talk and in Winter or when it’s raining that’s not the best. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

    • I had a landline for a long time in CA for the very same reason. I lived in a valley where cell service was really only available on the top of ONE hill. 😀

  4. So sorry to hear that there is chaos in your world. I am so very glad that my cell phone service provider is responsive. I can actually just walk into any of their stores and get instant assistance. Where Apple wouldn’t even give me the time of day. My iPad wasn’t working. I called customer service to take it in to the store since I had to have an appointment. They said that all appointments were filled, they couldn’t book an appointment for the next day as I’d need to call back. When I called back the next day at 7:00 AM all the appts were filled already. They then informed me that since they were in a different time zone that I would need to call at 4:00 AM… I finally did some voodoo on it and got it working again. I was ready to pitch it in the trash!!

  5. Love the idea of an art shed as a creative space. I remember Roald Dhal wrote all his brilliant books in a shed in his garden, so I know they work as a refuge from the world, however small they may be. It’s like being in another little world. As for phones, I don’t like them on the whole. They’re intrusive and prone to misfunctioning. My husband has ditched the smart phones for a basic old Nokia, with no internet and no flashy gizmos, and he’s never looked back! 😀

    • I’m amazed how many people really don’t like smart phones. I do like them, but, honestly, mostly for the camera and their small size. I like the fact that I can call for help in an emergency — living in this remote place that’s kind of a good thing, but then, there’s the fact that service is limited. I’m pretty disgusted at this point and would like to give up the whole idea of an upgrade and stick with my old phone, but…

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