I STILL Have No Idea What’s Going On

I’ve finished putting together the little book about the past year — I don’t have any idea if there is a market anywhere for it other than myself. It was an interesting experience to go through my posts of the past year, which, oddly, seems like a long time ago. 2021 seems to be speeding by like a bullet train. The book is pretty and has lots of (black and white) photos.

Emily, in her prompt this morning, asks the question whether we want to throw out everything good that happened last year — I don’t, but honestly I’m not sure what was good and what was bad. I’m not sure if the things I did last year to accommodate necessity were actually good or if I was just putting a good face on everything. I do know that some of the residue from The Former Guy vis-a-vis the virus are hanging around and my country’s evil decisiveness has only intensified. That has proven to be an entrenched and scary animal on the carousel of present reality.

My new phone isn’t working because there’s a problem with the SIM card (apparently). SO when I went to pick up groceries a couple days ago I couldn’t call to tell them I was there. I had to go INSIDE THE STORE. And there I was, looking at things, displays, people, all masked. The same sweet and motley display of humanity I remember from “before.” That left me with the question of whether I should continue ordering ahead and picking up or just go in and get my stuff. I think I’m probably sticking with picking up. It’s faster. It does diminish my choices, but I have always hated grocery shopping.

Anyway — I don’t have anything of note to share this morning. No sonnet to write and no profound ideas about the meaning of life. I have chores to do like go to the post office and stuff.

14 thoughts on “I STILL Have No Idea What’s Going On

  1. Good thing: People got outside and enjoyed nature more.
    Bad thing: Trails got busy so I have to share them. Also, some of those people enjoying nature are damaging it.

  2. I think it’s wonderful you have the little book-~and the illustrations I’m sure are beautiful. This year is going fast indeed. I’m going to go walk in the Big Empty this afternoon before we have humidity creeping in again with rain almost everyday next week. I made the mistake of having high expectations for my visits with the kids. All new relationships with them having their own children. Boundaries are so important. But then there’s this fine line of almost rude so it’s important for me to not think too much about life, do some chores, and get in nature! 🤗💚 I took Finley to the vet this morning. Her remaining leg had some arthritis and the same knee condition as the one removed. $158 dollars later she is good and that’s all that matters! Time goes fast, prices go up, and the world turns weirdly. But I have hope. 💛

    • I have hope too, Karla. Yeah, relations with family are always a little weird and seem to need constant adjustment and negotiation. Even with my family to whom I’m not related by blood can be a little strained and awkward. Some people are better at communicating than others, too. That’s always a “thing” it seems. Getting out into the “Big Empty” is the most helpful and inspiring thing I know right now (and even before <3) I hope Finn's leg hangs tough there. I don't want her to lose that one, too. Bear has arthritis in her right front elbow which is no big deal for her unless she digs her masterpiece hole project too passionately. Big hugs from us to you1 ❤

  3. So sorry to hear your new phone is acting up… I don’t think I’d throw out the good with the “bad”. Mostly the bad wasn’t so bad, well, not as bad as it could have been and the good was actually pretty darn good! I’m enjoying the new normal and adding little things slowly.

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