Another Day in Paradise

Another beautiful day in Heaven yesterday with my friends. We didn’t do much because no one wanted to, but we did do a small bit of sight seeing, the kind you do in the San Luis Valley when you’ve seen all the big sights you get to delve deeper into the kinds of places that you might see at 2 am on PBS on Sunday.

I took my friends through the virtually dead down of Los Valdezes (Hispanic name) and Plaza (semi-Hispanic name). It’s a small, formerly vital town, that had a train going through it that people used it to commute to bigger towns. It has a church that I found fascinating. It’s the Church of St. Francis of Assisi.

Then we came home and people took naps. The excitement never stops. We went out for dinner and everyone had the green chile (how we spell it) the region is famous for then we took a drive out to the big empty to watch the light. Here’s what we saw (Lois’ photos because I was driving). Our goal was the tree I painted last year in the painting of me, Bear and, uh, the tree.

No, it’s not a twister, just some Virga, rain hoping to reach the valley floor.

As we neared the tree, a large bird took flight and we stopped. There was an owl family in the tree. The two adults took off, leaving the two young birds in the tree. Nature. But the little owls made their way to the highest branches while Lois took photos.

Young great-horned owl in “the tree”

P.S. My guests have gone, we’ve downsized (again). Teddy and Frosty became best friends. I found them sleeping together on a small rug last night when I got up. I would have kept him. He fit in so well and was so happy here, but his human would be lonely and I know Frosty would miss his human.

17 thoughts on “Another Day in Paradise

  1. The church reminded me of the painting you did of the potato cellar. Those clouds–wow!! Seems that a good time was had by all. Oh, little Frosty and Teddy….❤

    • I was very happy they did — and it was adorable. We went out yesterday and took Frosty with us. When we came home, Teddy was so happy to see him and they licked each other’s faces and ran out the back door to play. ❤

  2. I imagine Bear is a lot less playful than Frosty… But to be fair Frosty would have been bereft without his human (if not initially then when the novelty of a canine friend wore off). I love the cloud photo and the owl too. I haven’t seen a Great Horned Owl in the wild ever. Very cool!

    • Seeing the owls was very cool. Bear is playful for a 6 year old giant breed dog and she played with Frosty and ran interference between him and Teddy so Teddy would learn that Frosty was A-Ok. What made me happy was that my friend was able to see what a wonderful dog he has in Frosty. And, also, learning that I can go stay with them and the dogs will be fine together. 🙂

  3. That virga cloud is fascinating — it does look like a tornado, or maybe an atomic mushroom cloud!

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