Another Step out of the Covid Lifestyle

My houseguests arrived with a young dog — Frosty — belonging to my friend. Frosty’s a boy, and I learned that Teddy is very insecure and is a definitely herding dog. We all went out to the Refuge yesterday evening to watch the sunset and the alpenglow climb Mt. Blanca. Teddy was a pain in the ass, Bear was exemplary, and Frosty was a good boy. The Refuge did a magical performance of light and cloud and the alpenglow was perfect, but because I couldn’t get my camera (having my hands full of one maniac alien from hell and a large, white divine beast sent by our better angels) I only got to take one photo with my new phone.

Still, typing that seems weird. Photos with our phones but here we are. My friend Lois got to take a lot of pictures and maybe by the end of today I’ll be able to share some. Summer is the time of year to go out there in the evening and this was our first foray of the year. It was cool enough that the mosquitoes were not active if they’ve even hatched (I imagine so, but thankfully no evidence). It was a spectacular opening to the summer season.

Godnose what’s up for today. I am not sure anyone slept last night… I figure having house guests is the grown up version of a slumber party and no one sleeps.

Here are photos of the Refuge mainly me learning to use my phone…camera…

24 thoughts on “Another Step out of the Covid Lifestyle

  1. That’s a big adjustment for Teddy. He has lived practically his whole life in lockdown. I hope he settles down so you can enjoy Lois’s company.
    Is that snow on the mountains, Martha? The photo looks wonderful but I need my big computer to see it properly. Also, you did so well to snap that raptor with your phone.

  2. I’m so sorry Teddy was a pain… but he is young and energetic. I imagine the presence of Frosty had him torn between play and domination. It is a wonder that Bear didn’t put him in his place! I’m glad you were able to have a guest over and enjoy the sunset. Hope the visit is wonderful!!

    • I think if they’re family they’re on the borderline between houseguest and not houseguests. That’s kind of the situation here though there’s no blood relationship. 🙂

  3. I hope Teddy will mellow with age! The spring has been odd here — we had 90 degrees for a couple of days last week — but snow on our low mountains the week before! It’s 75-ish now for a while — I hope it stays that way! I also was going to comment on the “raptor” shot — glad to know it’s a yellow-headed blackbird instead 🙂 ! What phone did you get?

  4. Martha–your descriptions of Teddy and Bear made me laugh. Good thing Teddy knows you love him. But that description….😂🤣 Have you seen the YouTube of Spot doing yoga with his owner? I thought of you when I viewed it..a gazillion times cause it is so cute. I think he is some sort of Australian shepherd. Anyway he reminded me of Teddy. Yoga, Martha. Teddy needs yoga. 😋

  5. Slumber parties can not exist without one out of control participant! I’m glad to read about the blackbird. The pics are beautiful and I was curious about him. Wonderful times. Just hearing about a hike in the refuge with you, Lois, and the names Teddy, Bear, and Frosty, sounds right up my alley. ❤️🤗🐶🐕

  6. Count on Teddy to spice things up! I’m so happy that you are able to have your friend as a house guest. It has been a long haul.

  7. “(having my hands full of one maniac alien from hell and a large, white divine beast sent by our better angels)” Oh dear, made me laughed out loud! Your writing is absolutely captivating and charming. Happy summer to you, from a wintery Sydney in Australia.

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