The Posthumous Poem of Dusty T. Dog

Howling Dogs 

by Dusty T. Dog 2016

Coyotes howl at the too bright moon
My sisters and I awake in the living room
Lily is first, she howls and yips back,
The next thing I know she’s waked the whole pack.
Cheyenny howls and Jasmine howls too
“Try Dusty,” they say, “Howl at the moon!”
I look at my sisters, lovely and brave,
Singing in moonlight like wolves in a cave,
I throw back my head, but I can just bark
Like some Pomeranian at the dog park.
“It’s all-right little Dusty. Just give it some time,”
Says Jasmine touching her nose to mine.

The years have gone by and now I can howl
When the sirens blare, cops on the prowl.
My human howls, too, in sweet memory
Of Jasmine, Cheyenne and precious Lily.

Featured photo: Dusty T. Dog at 5 months playing with Cheyenne. Back, black husky, Jasmine. Yellow husky, Lily

23 thoughts on “The Posthumous Poem of Dusty T. Dog

  1. I wondered where you got your sonnet writing chops – seems you have been plagiarizing Dusty T. Dogs work… or did he learn at your knee?? Either way I absolutely love this sonnet to the 4 musketeers!

  2. What a lovey poem!

    Some fond memories of when my wife and I would start to howl. Oliver would join in quickly and eventually Avery would pitch in. Just the 4 of us howling on the sofa in the living room late at night.

    • Dusty T. Dog loved his Siberian husky mother/sisters. That’s why when the only one left was Lily, he pissed on her every single morning. ❤ So sweet, so smelly. That was his real poem. I just translated it for him.

        • Lily would run away — she did four times. I always found her pretty easily, but I think Dusty was marking her. I discovered baby wipes which at least made Lily mostly bearable to be around. I didn’t care that much, though. Dogs do what dogs do. Lily was a wild thing and Dusty was 100% domestic dog. The day I had to put her to sleep I was holding her in my arms the whole time, Dusty smell and all. ❤

  3. Loved, loved, loved, loved this. Dusty T. Dog was lucky to have such a caring family.
    It brought back the memory of the day of my father’s funeral. My sister’s dog at the time Pero (some kind of cocker spaniel cross) would howl if someone got him started. It was in the evening after the funeral, and we were all sitting in the living room, it had been an unusually warm March day and the windows were open. My niece howled to get Pero started so we could see his skills at howling. The next thing you know we are all howling along with Pero. When we stopped we laughed and laughed to think what the neighbours must of wondered about this grieving family!!

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