Work it Off, Kennedy

More than once in my life I’ve awakened in a bad mood and just gone to work. That’s what I did today. As Tu Fu and his pals have been growing without any help from me, just getting watered occasionally in my studio while I fret about when I can put them outside safely, I decided I didn’t have to wait for help to put up a dog-proof (hopefully) fence.

It was hard work, and it took a few hours, but now it’s up. I may put the beans out tomorrow as it is supposed to be a cool, humid day, and I might wait until Wednesday. I’m pretty proud because I only got attacked by the roll of wire fencing once. The fence posts are a little short because I’m a little short and I wanted to be able to put them in without getting the ladder.

I may cut the fencing down a couple of inches, but maybe not. πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “Work it Off, Kennedy

  1. Don’t cut the fence!! The taller it is the less attractive it will be as a hurdle! Bravo on getting it all situated and I’ll cross my fingers that the canines recognize it as an off-limits area!!

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