Weather or Not

A few days ago I read an article that said our current La Niña had shifted to “neutral” for the remainder of spring and into the summer. I felt a little lilt of hope that maybe this was over but no. It appears that the drought we’re experiencing now will continue for a while.

The likelihood of La Niña versus neutral after the summer is less clear. Many of the computer models are suggesting that we may see a second-year La Niña, a common occurrence in the historical record (and a topic that Nat will be covering in his post later this month). However, the spring predictability barrier—forecasts made in the spring tend to be less skillful than forecasts made in other times of the year—is still in effect for May predictions, reducing the confidence in forecasts for the fall and winter.


The bottom line is that there’s a “small chance of El Niño.” An El Niño would be great. It would mean, for my selfish little life, snow, and for the greater world surface water for fields and maybe some restoration to the aquifer and various drainages that feed it.

I feel guilty watering my lawn. Who needs grass? I mean lawn grass? At the same time, I live on the main drag and the appearance of my town matters a little bit to me, so I’ve been out there doing what I might have done earlier if I hadn’t been doing other things, raking up the thatch, moving the sticks that littered the ground from the Great Post Snowpocalyptic Tree Removal of September 2020. It looks marginally better, but it got pretty parched in the interval.

What we WANT is that orange ocean closer to the equator…

In other news, I got the backing on the big crane painting, and have strung a wire across the back for hanging. I’m honestly not sure how well all that will hold, and I’m not too eager to test it. For now, the painting is wrapped in a red sheet and stowed behind the bed in the guest bedroom. I am thinking now of starting on a new painting.

This business of building up a “body of work” has made me think about many things involved in being an artist that never crossed my mind before and I realize how little I know about being an artist. It has also thrust me up against mortality. I have two heroes — Goethe and Fellini. At one point I looked at Fellini and admired his great creative energy into “old age” but he was 73 when he died. A better model is Henri Matisse, I think. ❤

11 thoughts on “Weather or Not

  1. Yes. Please go with the older man. 🤦🏼‍♀️😉 wow. I just read his biography. And cut-out art? That might be more in my abilities. I loved the swimming pool. And while reading, I particularly enjoyed the mermaid and parakeet one. Very interesting. So see, you haven’t hit your last ten years of your best work yet! ♥️

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