Random Thoughts (Some Deep)

Spring is just the tired season. I see all those people out in the fields planting potatoes and cover crops and stressing over the drought. They have to be tired. As for me? Farming my TINY plot, painting the deck, hauling bags of mulch, all of that has been tiring. Yesterday I was bushed. I guess it was the let down of al the work getting ready for summer and for house guests.

Then thought of doing 90 some odd paintings to legitimize myself as an artist was a little daunting, too. I have decided to try to do it. I mean, why not? Either that or paint until I don’t have any more supplies, whatever comes first. All that will happen is that I’ll have a bunch of paintings in my garage which is really not a big deal. The San Luis Valley is dry, never terribly hot, and winter is freezing — and dry. Decent conditions for preserving paintings. And then what about it if I die with a bunch of paintings in my garage? Who really cares? I won’t care.

I’ve felt sorry for paintings that end up at thrift stores, but, at the same time, I’ve eyed them with the thought of buying them to paint over them. What’s worse? The paintings lying stacked against each other couldn’t tell me whether they’d rather continue taking their chances in the store or be picked up by me. Ultimately, I left them, I always leave them, mainly because I didn’t know what they were painted with, how they were varnished (or were they?) I didn’t know and couldn’t get those questions answered easily.

Why the thoughts of death?

That’s the result of COVID, as it happens. I wonder how many people are going to wake up post-Pandemic and realize that during the time they spent on lockdown or whatever they confronted THAT. I’ve thought about it and wonder how many Covid deniers (including His Idiocy) denied because they just didn’t want to go there. I think a lot. When I would read or hear the words of those people it was usually statements like, “Almost nobody dies,” backed up by statistics.

As we all know by now, the word came down yesterday that fully vaccinated people don’t have to wear masks at all. It’s a little strange and problematic as a proclamation since this whole time people who didn’t want to wear masks haven’t been. I guess this basically means that masks are over. Essentially, “Well, the anti-maskers aren’t going to make you sick if you’re vaccinated so have at it!”

As Tu Fu is blooming now in my studio…

Every bit of fallen blossom
Means so much less of spring;
I grieve to see petals flying
Away in the wind, yet happy
To set my eyes rest on what still
Remains; drinking some wine
though I know it is bad for me;
Kingfishers flit around
A little pavilion on the river bank;
By a tall grave-mound out in the open
Ground stands a unicorn in stone;
Nature ever calls people to live
Along with her; why should I be lured
By transient rank and honors?

21 thoughts on “Random Thoughts (Some Deep)

  1. Wow! The beans are looking great! Yeah, Covid and death. We redid our will…I mean, why not, right? Let the morbidity continue. I’ll still wear a mask inside any store I enter. The anti-maskers are still there and they are probably the same ones who are anti-vax. I’m not taking any chances.

    • I went to pick up groceries this morning and observed the behavior of everyone out there. No change which, I think, is good. I redid my will, too. ❤

  2. I’m with you here. I’m still wearing my mask and am refusing to abandon it – especially in crowds. Here we are only 31% vaccinated in the state and I’m waiting for the next spike in cases (as are all the nurses in the family). I’m glad to hear that you are going to attempt the 90 paintings – I believe in you! Looks like Tu Fu may need you to do some pollenating or that bloom may be in vain (unless you have some bees indoors)…. (hehe! plant sex! hehe!)

    • Poor Tu Fu and the rest of the beans. They don’t know better, but I do… I suspect they will be cut back a bit when I put them in the ground next week, god-willing.

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