A Century of Paintings

The yard work — except the fence — is pretty much under control for now. Stuff came up and my house guests won’t be coming this week, so yesterday, I had some free time. I was physically pretty tired. I didn’t feel like wielding the pick-axe or dragging around mattresses or moving flagstones. I wanted to do SOMETHING, though, being that kind of person, so I finally got down to setting up my paintings on a different website — Fine Art America. Here is my page. You can see what they emphasize, and it’s OK with me.

It was pretty easy to navigate, and before long I had set up a profile and some paintings. When I looked at my page, I was dismayed. There wasn’t much on it. The website is nice — they make their money from reproductions they produce from an artist’s work which means it’s easy for people to get prints of my paintings if they want them. It’s also possible to get the paintings printed on tote bags and stuff like that. That’s OK with me, though some of their options are pretty funny with my paintings on them, a beach towel with a snowstorm, for example. It’s higher on the irony scale than the aesthetic scale…

My friend Lilliana, who is an artist, said I need a hundred paintings if I’m going to get into a gallery or find a dealer. Well, here’s the conversation.

Anyway, I am not sure that I can paint, what, 96 more paintings? Another friend chimed in about the storage problem and between she and Lilliana they sorted that out while I was sleeping…

96 paintings would be some kind of achievement, a plume in my cap.

17 thoughts on “A Century of Paintings

  1. You going to put this new link under your ‘Paintings and more’ tab? You should! A beach towel with a snowstorm might sell down here!

      • You did. I kept scrolling down to look at your artwork and totally missed it. Heck yeah! It’s all a mind game but when it’s 100+ degrees outside, I’d rather be laying on a snow scene than an orange and yellow sunshine smiley face!

  2. Who says you have to do 100 BIG paintings? Maybe do 100 little ones?? They are easier to store, just as beautiful, and take less time and materials… Just saying. Doing one a week and you’re done in 2 years. But the thing after all is not quantity but quality and of course the enjoyment factor. That’s why I rarely do commissions, the pressure to produce sucks all the fun out of the art.

    • I like commissions. I like the challenge. Usually a commission pushes me to do something I wouldn’t ordinarily do, like the ink drawings. Time will tell if I do ink drawings on my own for fun, but it could happen.

      Yeah, I don’t know about the 100 paintings. I’ve been thinking a lot about the trade-offs in life which is an OK thing to think about. My friend’s point was that any dealer would want to know that I didn’t just do two good paintings, but could be depended on to do MORE good paintings. I get that. There’s another artist in town who has done many many beautiful paintings, but there they are. She opened her own gallery the year before the pandemic hit. It was a gorgeous gallery but people don’t look for art in Monte Vista, Colorado. Anyway, I’m starting to get a mental handle on this.

  3. 96! That would definitely be a plume in your cap. Also maybe a pain in your back!
    Seriously, Martha, I think you could do it, but do you really want to have an exhibition? How would you feel to sell your babies?

    • I don’t know if I want to have an exhibition. Honestly, Tracy, I don’t know what I want. It’s a paradox. I mostly want to get paintings out of my house/garage and doing more paintings doesn’t seem like the way to do it. I’ve almost gotten to the point where I am telling myself to do what I want, but I’m not there yet. 😀 The hard part of this has been something not related directly to painting at all….

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