Quotidian Update 43.22.1.z

Things around here are OK. All the spring chores are still in progress — the fence I put up to protect the beans has been destroyed pretty much by dog play and I will be putting in a more serious fence sometime this week. The fencing is here. I’m waiting for the posts.

Three beans froze during The Minuscule Ice Age last week, which wasn’t surprising, and other beans, those living in my studio, are thriving. I hope they survive the GREAT TRANSPLANTING which will happen in a couple of weeks. By then, one of them is going to be taller than I am. One of the beans outside, one that I had to cut back because it broke, is doing great.

It’s been absurdly warm and windy, not too great for my most recent painting project — the deck. I finally surrendered to THIS place at THIS time and painted it as fast as I could to minimize the dust and stuff that was (is) flying around. One thing about the climate in the San Luis Valley is that if your thing is watching paint dry, you have to really seize the day, unless you’re inside my house watching the paint dry on the Crane Painting. That’s a hobby that requires a great deal of faith and diligence… And chipperness.

I have been working on tedious indoors chores, too. I had to redo my “professional” blog (martha-kennedy.com) because the “theme” I used (and loved) went away. I’m neither happy nor unhappy with it and will probably continue the tweaking it. It’s a very annoying theme, but it’s the closest I could find to the one I loved and worked with to perfection (in my eyes). Suggestions are welcome.

One of my readers, murisopsis, recently wrote about some challenges (minor) she’s having finding a comfortable desk chair and I thought I’d share mine. It’s in the featured image. I got it for $3 at a local thrift store. It was in the back room, against a back wall, behind some other chairs. The woman who took me back there brought it out and I said, “Oh my, that’s wonderfully ugly. I love it.”

She thought I was kidding. I had visions of painting it and stuff, but once I got it home, I saw that there was no way I would molest this 1970s color. I have imagined its earlier life, and my best conjecture is that once upon a time it had a job in a Mexican restaurant. OR during the 70s, it was part of some well-to-do woman’s Faux Spanish dining set. Anyway, it’s surprisingly comfortable. The seat is a little lower to the ground than most chairs which is great for me as my legs are not long. As I am the sovereign of my home, it’s only right I have a chair like this, especially with this regal dog at my feet.


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15 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 43.22.1.z

  1. I too love that chair! It appears to have the universal symbol of hospitality on the top – a pineapple! very welcoming. And Teddy is looking pretty regal too!

  2. The chair is so…different, I thought you photoshopped it in! It’s so ugly it’s beautiful (like a Pug)!

    A couple years ago, when my hips were achy for some inexplicable reason, I switched from my “executive” office chair that I’d used for over thirty years to an exercise ball. My hips stopped aching almost immediately and it forces me to use better posture when at the computer. (Plus, it will be easy to move – I’ll deflate it and reinflate it when I reach Vermont!) An idea for anyone having trouble finding a comfortable traditional-style desk chair.

  3. That chair really does stand out. BTW I was watching a documentary about UFO’s the other night when they started to talk about the San Luis Valley. They did a bit of a travelogue and I thought that it was absolutely beautiful and I can see why you love it – with or without UFO’s. 🙂

    • Yep. There’s a UFO watchtower out here (and I’m sure you saw it on the program!). I haven’t been out there but maybe this week when I have company. UFOs aren’t really my thing. It’s a kind of miracle, isn’t it, that we can see each others worlds this way.

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