I’ll Laugh at Myself Someday…

I’m on a list serve for announcements about art shows. I was pretty jazzed about this for a while until I realized that this involved having my own booth and transporting it hither and yon. I was sort of OK with the hither and yon, but not OK with a $1000 investment in a regulation booth that I would have to assemble on my own hither and yon. Additionally, there are entry fees to everything.

I decided instead to look for juried shows in galleries and art centers close to home. Hither is OK. Yon would require shipping paintings which, since those I would enter are large, would be very expensive. So…a friend in Alamosa posted a call for a show at the Breckenridge Art Center.

Breckenridge? 2 hours away! In the mountains! Near friends in Colorado Springs and Denver! Beautiful drive! Waaa-HOOO!

I loaded the entry form and read everything on it except the phvcking address of the Breckenridge Art Center. I entered three paintings at $25 a pop, reveling in the possibilities…

Then, last night a friend pointed out that the event is in….

Breckenridge, Texas

I immediately wrote to see if I could get my money back, but I’m not hopeful. But I guess if I don’t get my money back, I’m still entered. I guess I should find out where Breckenridge, Texas is. But damn. Texas in August?

So I looked up Breckenridge, TX. It’s a town of 5000 and its description in Wikipedia makes it seem like a Texas version of Monte Vista, CO. It seems to be smack dab in Larry McMurtry land, though a little south. I guess it would be an adventure. I think my painting of a snowy mountain might be a big hit there in August.

43 thoughts on “I’ll Laugh at Myself Someday…

  1. Ah, the glamor of being “on tour.” My friend, artist Dave Bartholet, is really starting to slow it down. He’s been “out there” for a long time now. Good luck with this.

  2. Oh my! Sounds like something I would do! Good luck on your submissions!

  3. Ha! Oh, Martha….. Friend of mine did something similar. Booked a B&B for his time in Portland ME. But when he arrived in ME, his GPS couldn’t find the B&B. Turned out he had booked it in Portland OR. You have that right….Texas in August? Damn hot.

  4. Oh NO. So much hither and yon. And then way too much yon. Maybe there’s a yet to be discovered reason the universe wants you to go to Texas…gulp…in August. The devil is in the details. This time for sure. Good luck on getting a refund.

  5. oh dear. At least it wasn’t an unintended overseas flight–wrong dublin and all that sort of thing. I think I would pay $75 to Skip texas in August. Although as you recognize, it could be an interesting field trip.

  6. Lord have mercy! Texas and then uprooted beans and sunflowers! I’m glad you didn’t disown the dogs and that you have forgiven them for being, well, dogs…. The last juried show I entered cost $35 for each piece – I submitted one. And it was rejected. So I lost the $$ and didn’t have to take it in or retrieve it (thankfully the submission required 3 slides taken from 3 different angles)!

    • I did find interesting places down there not to stay. I have to figure out something, though, other than not painting. I took all my work out to the garage so I have room for house guests. I’m always in love with it while I’m doing it and right after then, months late, I think, “Well, that’s not so great after all.” ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Texas in August? I think I’d just chalk the money up to a donation and let it go without a thought of spending any more on that project! Sorry to hear that the dogs dug up your plants — that was a good excuse, but only if you were digging too!

    • I heard from the people in Texas yesterday and apparently other people have made this mistake. The woman was very nice and will refund my money. BUT I learned something about a little town in Texas which was kind of cool in its way. I even checked out Air bnbs….

  8. I’m so glad the art show sponsors understand about mistakes and will refund your money!!! And when you win the lottery, the first place you can go is Breckenridge, TX!

      • Haha — I once had a boss who insisted that I couldn’t win if I didn’t play! I thought I won every week by not playing!

          • I’m so glad I found you again — I lost you for a little while, when you took a break and then I did — came back and you weren’t on my “follow” list! I think I’d have been a little upset if my ex bought lottery tickets with what little money we had — but fortunately they weren’t a thing in those days!

            • I took a break for like a day…this is too much a part of my daily habit (and Bear’s) for me to go away. I’ve accepted that. I was concerned not seeing you, then I saw your comments and I thought, “A-HA!”

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