Ode to Dog Hair

A walk-through dog wash would be perfect. One
at my back door that washes, brushes
and dries my dogs. In minutes they’re done.
With a magic dog cleanser that rushes
To their skin, lifts the dust, with a smell dogs like
(And I like too). Once a day would be enough.
When night falls, or after a muddy hike
When fur is wet, their paws dirty and rough.
Instead of this I must groom them myself,
Brush in hand, unwilling pup at my feet.
I could have smaller dogs, the size of elves,
even a shedless dog, curly-haired and sweet.
As fate and love would have it, their furry
filaments are my burden to curry.

This is a Shakespearean sonnet, more or less. 14 lines, ababcdcdefefgg. Iambic pentameter (10 syllable lines with the stress on every other syllable, but I’m not a fetishist about that). The final six lines are supposed to set up a situation established by or counter to the first 8 lines. I’m not big on rules, though, other than the rhyme and syllable thing. I’m writing sonnets as a mental challenge, mostly, but once in a while one might be good. I started writing sonnets when I realized I just don’t have much more to say in one of my customary blog posts at the moment.

Still, I don’t know if Shakespeare (or anyone) before me has written a sonnet to dog hair. We might be witnessing a moment (low or high, you judge) in literary history.

13 thoughts on “Ode to Dog Hair

  1. If you event that back door walk through cleanser, I’d be your first customer! Meanwhile…I’ll just have to keep sweeping and wiping paws.

  2. Yor sonnet is wonderful and strikes at the heart of every dog owner!! And as a bonus you made me laugh and snort out loud with your dietary fiber comment!

  3. I believe it’s literary history. Shakespeare missed out on mutts. And don’t you have enough time on your hands to make that dogwash? I will purchase one in extra small please. 😉 As always, I love your words. And the precious pic! 🤍🐶🤗

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