Beatled into Submission

Sunday morning my radio station
Plays the Beatles. One song after another
Drag on heart’s memory if I listen.
Sailing on time’s seas, small boat of wonder
And confusion, of self and future.
I began this journey that is no
Clearer now as I near the distant shore.
The sails are worn, and sometimes I row.
I didn’t like the Beatles much back then,
I wanted something serious, deeper,
Lyrics beyond “I want to hold your HAAAANDD”
Answers in top forty to awaken sleepers.
“You’re gonna carry that weight a long time.”
Long time? I’ve carried that weight a lifetime.


Excuse me for forgetting the word of the prompt. I got wrapped up in writing this messterpiece of the poetic arts.

This is a Shakespearean sonnet, more or less. 14 lines, ababcdcdefefgg. Iambic pentameter (10 syllable lines with the stress on every other syllable, but I’m not a fetishist about that). The final six lines are supposed to set up a situation established by or counter to the first 8 lines. I’m not big on rules, though, other than the rhyme and syllable thing. I’m writing sonnets as a mental challenge, mostly, but once in a while one might be good. I started writing sonnets when I realized I just don’t have much more to say in one of my customary blog posts at the moment.

13 thoughts on “Beatled into Submission

  1. My lovely bride is a Beatles fan to this day. For her 20th birthday, I got her every album they’d recorded to that point. I like ’em fine. They were innovative and engaging. Over the years (decades), I’ve become very appreciative of what they did. George became my fave because of his songwriting and his wry humor. Those boys really did change the world for the better.

  2. I love this sonnet. It makes me think back as well. And the video clip says it all! I didn’t know about the Beatles until I went to college – my father didn’t like them… Anyway they had dissolved the band and had embarked on solo careers by then. My husband and his best friend are huge fans. (His best friend is a published author on the Beatles (he got lucky and his book was used as a text book!). So we have all the music. George was my favorite too. Maybe it was because he tried to be a peacemaker, maybe because he never sought the spotlight like John and Paul…

    • I think the not-seeking-the-spotlight and yet being incredibly talented and creative impressed me about George. He never in his life seemed to be about hype, but about thinking and music.

  3. I remember the summer the Beatles came out with their out-takes boxed set. I played it and sang along, even if some of the numbers were a bit different. I was five the first time I heard a Beatles song and when I turned 64 I marveled that I still love them.

    • I was 11 the first time I heard them. It was on Ed Sullivan. I was not impressed. But when they split up, I found I liked some of their individual songs and that led me to some of their group songs. But there is one that rips me up every time I hear it because of the associations it has to an earlier time in my life and the way that turned out. Now I appreciate them more.

      • I remember waiting for that Ed Sullivan appearance. I had seen them on Jack Paar on a very low quality film/video from England. The Sullivan appearance is one of those oddly-detailed childhood memories. I remember translucent subtitles under each of the Beatles so we’d know their names. When it came to John Lennon, they added a parenthetical (“Sorry girls. He’s married.”). I think their musical growth over 6 years was pretty amazing; and to think of their influence despite being together for such a brief period – I know, it was longer than we were aware of them in the US, but still brief.

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