Three Beans in the Field

I’m making progress with the farm but also with re-emerging from COVIDness. I got a check and took it to the bank and when the ATM was broken, I went inside and deposited it. It was a little strange, but considering that every bank I went to in Southern California has bullet-proof glass between the teller and the customer the plexiglass was no big deal. Today I went to celebrate the little boy’s 8th birthday. Spent a little time a couple weeks ago at the Museum. My friend came over for a visit and, both of us vaccinated, it really felt different from the way it’s been for the past year. I’ve invited friends to come and stay in two weeks.

I planted two large Scarlet Emperor beans Friday and one had a hard time. I broke his rootball and it was challenging getting him into the ground fast enough. He immediately drooped in root shock and I wasn’t very optimistic, but true to the resilient nature of his dauntless parents he rallied and made it through the hottest part of a hot day and is doing well. I believe they’ve inherited some tough genes considering they are the third generation to have been “born” here and their parents went through a blizzard that dropped 18 inches of snow and killed off thousands of birds as they were migrating. 😦 The next few night look to be warm enough that I will not have to cover them but I will have to watch the temperatures closely and drape them with the very sheets that saved their parents’ lives.

I am not sure who they are yet, but I think that Szu-ma Chien is the bean that fought for his life today. In the photo with Teddy, he is the one closest to Teddy and closest to the sidewalk. The other two beans in the field? One is still small, but had to go out (Tuesday) because I had no big pot in which to plant him. The other is probably Tu Fu. Time will tell. At any rate, they have no words right now as they are busy putting down roots and contending with their new lives.

20 thoughts on “Three Beans in the Field

  1. No beans but I’ve tried everything and something eats all my veggies. I raised the raised bed 12 inches off the ground and covered it all with fence and netting and something is defying my prison=like protection. Good luck to your hardy children!

    • Rabbits? Gophers? I watched a gopher literally chew a tomato plant down into the ground. The plant spun down that hole like it was going down a drain. That was up in Descanso. I ended up growing veggies in containers on pallets. That worked. 🙂 I also planted a lot of things gophers don’t like which includes a lot of wildflowers and rugosa roses. I took a grim pleasure in imagining the gophers going for those sadistic, thorny roses with their nasty thorny roots. 😀

  2. Sometimes all one can do is put it all out there and hope for the best. I have a good feeling that your beans – stalwart and hardy – will show you “the best.”

  3. The photo of Teddy ‘guarding’ the beans is precious. Surely, between Teddy and their good stock, the beans will prosper and grow.

  4. I love the closeup of Teddy and the beans. Your garden is looking good! The last few days have been warm enough to set my plants out on the deck, but still too early to go in the yard. I’m not even sure how I will get my beds ready for planting, I had a fall two weeks ago and injured my knee. We sure bounce back more slowly as we get older!

  5. So glad the bean rallied and is doing better! We are putting in the garden next weekend. I’m insisting on some basil. Anyway I hope Bear and Teddy respect the barriers and don’t add insult to injury for the beans!

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