20-20 vision

Don’t put your politics in the waiting room of your clinic and wonder why you don’t get new patients. I just ran away from an eye appointment. My former doc stopped taking my insurance so I found a new doc. The new doc’s waiting room is filled with extreme Trumpist propaganda. I sat there for a while and thought about the whole freedom of speech thing. He has a right to his beliefs but I have a right to despise these beliefs and to feel disrespected by finding them in what should be a comforting, neutral place. I realized I didn’t want to give this guy my money. I thought about that and realized I wouldn’t mind at all if I hadn’t been forced to know what politics he espouses. I’m not forcing mine on him. Then I thought, “These magazines are out here so anyone who comes in knows where he stands. This is a line in the sand and I’m not crossing it.”

I got up and told the girl my neighbor had called and said my dog was out of my yard and I had to go.

It’s one thing to quietly know it’s all around and just live with it. Having it shoved in my face in a doctor’s office is not OK. Freedom of speech is partly about respecting other people’s beliefs and opinions. I remember back in the goodle days that Trumpists, especially, harken back to, people kept their political opinions to themselves and acted on them at the ballot box.

Anyone who thinks the Civil War ended when the Insurrection was quashed is living a pipe dream. I might just go back to bed.

Fred of “Au Natural” posted this in a comment and it cheered me up so…

44 thoughts on “20-20 vision

  1. Thanks for this post! Good for you leaving. I agree 100% a professional office is not the place for extreme political views. Linda 

    • I’m pretty upset. I’m tired of learning all the stuff I’ve had to learn in the past year. I keep believing people can think differently and still respect each other. How did we get like this? That and I really need new glasses.

          • Ugh. They don’t charge even if you don’t keep the appointment, do they? I wonder if others have walked out on him?

            • They would only charge the co-pay which is $20. I don’t know. That he had all that stuff right out there kind of says to me that he expects people to appreciate it. Maybe for most people around here, it’s not a line in the sand. I have never felt more alienated not even when people were throwing rocks at me in China or calling me cat-eyes.

  2. Interesting situation! Generally it’s not smart to advertise political affiliations in a business place, unless you wish to appeal to like-minded folks only. I remember that song, though in my mind it was the Stattler Brothers who made it a hit circa 1966.

    I did wonder when you used the word “filled”; my first thought was walls plastered with posters and such that you couldn’t avoid seeing. Was it only magazines? My doctors’ offices have magazines promoting things I can’t support, like the opulent lifestyles and affairs of stars, or anorexic models strutting the runways. I tend to ignore them.

    On the other hand, it seems odd, when the election is over and the US has a new govt, to still be promoting the past President. Especially at the risk of alienating patients. Though you’re not obligated, would you feel better about this if you went back and told them the truth about why you left? (You don’t have to answer –it’s just a thought.)

    • Well, the problem is that PART of this country believes Trump won the election and magazines like those at that doc’s office push that false narrative. Those people don’t acknowledge that Biden won. I don’t support the opulent lifestyles and stuff but those magazines are not seeking to inspire civil war or delegitimize the legally elected president. It’s not the same (to me) as pushing a lot of stuff I don’t have to buy. I can ignore that. I can’t ignore this. The magazines were laid out neatly on three separate tables, the titles prominently displayed.

      I don’t think a professional person who has the mission of helping others — as a doctor does — should politicize himself at all. To me it communicates contempt for his patients [OR he’s not a legit doctor at all but a front for recruiting insurrectionists (I doubt this)]. I will probably call them and ask them to throw away my documents because I found another doctor. I don’t see any point in telling them why. If he cared what people think of him, he would not have paraded his REALLY extreme political views like that. He clearly wants to provoke something. I’m not playing.

      • Sorry, I was forgetting that first part. Seems Americans should let the past die a natural death and quit raking over the coals, but then we suspect some outside source(s) have an interest in keeping these sparks flying. Keeps you all at each other’s throats. So sad! And you’re right, magazines may promote lifestyle excesses but not insurrection.

  3. Love the Johnny Cash video! That’s, Fred, for sharing it!

    I applaud you, Martha. Even better would have been honestly telling them why you were cancelling, but being a conflict-averse person, I get why you didn’t. Yes, we can vote at the ballot box, but we can also vote with how we spend our dollars and the businesses we give our patronage. I think where we spend speaks as loudly, or even more so, that our votes. I would prefer to not know the political leanings of the providers of my health care, but if they’re going to make it so obvious that I can’t ignore (or stomach) it, then yes, I’ll walk out and go elsewhere.

    • I didn’t see any point in saying why. If he cared about the opinions of others, he would have displayed different magazines. It’s his practice. I don’t have to use it. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t change his mind. 🙁

  4. Amen! Voting by ballot is a civic duty. But we can vote with our wallets too. I’m sure there are plenty of politically neutral or at least professional optometrists in the area… You might have to make a trip to the big city but it would be so worth it!

  5. Personally, I would be very happy to see a practitioner advertise his abhorrent morals and opinions that openly. That way I can choose not to give him my money before it’s too late. I can then warn others away from him. I have met too many who seem to be a “nice guy” as long as you’re a straight white man and he doesn’t show his abhorrence to you.

    • I get what you’re saying, but when a person is there to perform a professional function I think the function should be the focus. But… I’ll just have to drive 20 miles if I want new glasses which isn’t really a hardship.

  6. That is just so creepy and crazy at the same time. All the more so since the election and Trump is old tired news. Totally inappropriate and clearly manipulative. Ew. I would have been out the door too.

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