The Dog Doesn’t Die at the End

Book Review: This is a slim collection of short stories by Leland Dirks. Most of the stories are set in the “hood” where I live. It’s a big hood, some 8,000 square miles — mostly empty — so it’s unlikely I’ll ever meet the writer. But it was wonderful seeing the literal other side of my world, and, like the writer, I’m a person who lives with dogs. 

The stories in this collection are mostly quite short. I love that particular way of writing a short story, so that was a real pleasure for me. The stories are not light-hearted. Some are very intense, others carry the reader (and the characters) across the liminal boundary into the world of spirits. They are beautifully written. Though often sad, the stories are never unredemptive. I recommend this book especially to any dog-loving person for whom entertainment goes a little deeper.

It’s a beautiful collection. I think some of my friends will be getting presents.

5 thoughts on “The Dog Doesn’t Die at the End

    • It’s a lovely little book. I wrote a dog book; My Everest. I don’t know about these guys, though. I think we’re too busy living life to contemplate its meaning. 😉

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