Saturday Services in the Big Empty

Beautiful day in the neighborhood. Bear really believes I make the snow. She came inside this morning soaking wet, snow on her back, and leaned against me relentlessly to show her gratitude. Cold, humid, patchy fog, snow showers, occasional graupel, a light breeze.

Bear and I attended holy services at the Big Empty and got to hear a special choir recital of redwing blackbirds, yellow-headed blackbirds, meadowlarks, Canada geese and various ducks. You can see “my” two geese in this little video, the two who make their nest in this very vulnerable location.

We had a little discussion with these two geese who were a lot closer to us than they appear in this video. They really wanted the road. We finally persuaded them to take off. I didn’t see anything that they might have been guarding, but they were very very very vocal. There was nothing, no pond, nesting site or any other geese friendly site around. I don’t think the goslings have been born yet, but who knows. I wasn’t going to discuss it with them. If they didn’t want to leave Bear and I would have turned around. Geese protecting something are not especially friendly (ha ha)

That was the best service we’ve attended in a long time and we’re both very happy.

15 thoughts on “Saturday Services in the Big Empty

  1. Sounds and looks like lovely services; thanks for sharing with us! I didn’t know the word graupel so have learned something new. I’ve probably experienced it before but just didn’t know its name:)

  2. What a wonderful surprise snow for Bear and you too! I can only imagine the adoring look Bear gave you!! I loved the video of the geese complete with complaining honks!

    • Oh Bear didn’t just look at me! She vocalized (rare for her except for guarding), and leaned her entire large white soaking wet and freezing cold self against me in gratitude. ❤ I think she's started to talk because she realizes I like it when Teddy talks.

  3. Could I have you make that weather for me too? Here the hot season is getting into swing: clear blue skies with not a cloud in sight, burning sun, hot and humid, not just through the day, but also all night. Even our little trip to the mountains didn’t give us much fog and snow, because of the forest fire.

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