Not Especially Bugged

Among my spring flowers are dandelions. I don’t dig them out and haven’t for a long time, so they’re pretty entrenched. I discovered a bumble bee hive/nest just inside the door to my crawlspace. The dandelions bloom right outside their door along with the spring flowers, crocus, daffodil, grape hyacinth. The only place I dig out dandelions is in my actual flower and vegetable beds. Otherwise, they are free to flourish. Honey bees are attracted to them, too, so at the moment, my front yard is an early bee paradise. My town doesn’t eliminate dandelions, either. Everything that grows (and this is an agricultural valley) needs pollinators. We are all, “Bring them on!”

The bees also love the Scarlet Emperor Beans and I grow them with sunflowers so it’s pretty fun standing among plants that are taller than I am watching bees at my eye level.

I like all the insects but aphids and their smelly farmers, ants, black-widows and cockroaches. I see no redeeming value in any of those other than they providing interesting sociological experiments for kids in school. The thing about insects is it’s really all time and place. I can enjoy the frolicking of two white butterflies in love, but I don’t wan their babies on my geraniums.

The poster above was done by Amber Share. She is publishing a book with all her paintings of “subpar parks.” She took the captions from reviews of national parks done on Yelp. They are hilarious and I will be buying the book when it comes out in July. You can see more here.

12 thoughts on “Not Especially Bugged

  1. We leave most of the bugs be – especially pollinators. The only plants we eradicate are either poison ivy or invasive species. Long live the wildflowers and the insects that love them.

  2. Love the poster. When I moved to California and managed a housing project, one of the residents submitted a maintenance request because she saw a mosquito on her patio, so she wanted me to call an exterminator. I told her that the next time she saw it, she should swat it.

    • Mosquitoes are pretty rare out there, but we had them in Descanso. Here, sadly, they own the planet in the summer, well, they share it with deer flies. I hate summer for so many reasons πŸ˜€

  3. Growing up in NJ, we always had dandelions on our front lawn. Down here in sunny FL, I cannot remember seeing any. Shame, too. Those sunny yellow faces and those little puffballs that carried our wishes. Kids are missing some really cool stuff.

  4. I have many fond memories of dandelions but not many of bees. I don’t mind them and usually they are of the “don’t bother me and I won’t bother you” mindset. I do remember running for my life when one of my friends was digging a hole in a field and dug into a bumble bee nest… Our only issue is with hornets – they seem to love our porch railing and insist on attempting to build a massive nest. Last night Sparky was out there with the garden hose power washing the start of the nest off the porch… It will be a constant battle until they get discouraged and build elsewhere!

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