Buona Pasqua

The photo doesn’t seem right. In my memory my green suit and that brocade sofa didn’t exist in the same time, but apparently they did. This is us ready for church, physically, anyway.

My grandmother, the beautiful woman at one end of the sofa, was terrified the first time she went to church with my mom and us. She’d spent part of her childhood — after her mother died of diabetes — living with aunts in Alabama. She was sure any Baptist was a holy-roller and was relieved to learn that American Baptists were pretty quiet over all.

My grandmother’s religion was a mystery to my mom. That Swedish woman had grown up Lutheran and married an Irish Catholic. My mom believed that my grandmother’s faith was confused or, worse, compromised. For a while my grandmother (who lived in Billings) attended the Unitarian Church about which my mother was ambivalent.

The first mass I attended was in Portland, OR, in the fantastic rose garden up on a mountain somewhere. It was beautiful. Yes, I was a little apprehensive that the Whore of Babylon might pop up at some point, but time, travel and experience killed those delusions.

The proselytizing of others always bothered me. I think there are few things more personal than one’s faith. So whether this is a special day for you or not, I hope your day is lovely and tranquil.

14 thoughts on “Buona Pasqua

    • I went to Episcopalian private school in 6th and 7th grades. It was high church. We had chapel every Wednesday. I don’t think my mom knew that or understood what it meant. I loved the school, though, and the pomp of those chapel services.

  1. Always fun to see you in the early years, Martha:) I’ve noticed, too, how my memories don’t always match up with photos. I’m sure that says something deep about the process of remembering (or trying to forget certain things). Have a beautiful day!

  2. Have a lovely day. The Episcopal Church in a rural village is my home church. Love the large tent of spiritual folks it embraces.

  3. I hope today was joyous and beautiful – both spiritually and weather-wise. We were able to gather with all the vaccinated relatives (all nurses or us “old” people who have qualified for the shots). There was a lot of hugging since it has been over a year! We also celebrated birthdays…

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