My Song List from 2020

Yesterday while I was working on the book, I was thinking of writing a blog post about “my” songs of the past year but then thought, “Nah. Who really likes to chase around Youtube listening to someone else’s playlist?” But today’s prompt — music — has given me permission.

Here we go, starting with the Avett Brothers, “Victory.” I love this song. Good poetry, wise words and cute footwork. It’s kind of “folkish” for my usual taste, but the truth is I hear words more than music a lot of the time.

Then this beautiful exuberant thing, also with good lyrics (IMO) by The Killers

And finally THE BEST SONG, a song I waited my whole life for. It’s got a lot going for it — irony, poetry, visual imagery, humor, a certain level of appropriate darkness, social commentary, and, though most people will not hear it, Denver. I even wrote the band a fan email. It’s an 80s/90s band that had one hit “88 lines about 44 Women”. When a member of the band answered my email he said, “Yeah ‘Home of the Brave’ only has a life on WXRT in Chicago” which is the radio station I listen to at home. Oddly enough, The Nails are from Boulder, and the lead singer now lives in Taos, but you know, small world.

I listen to music almost all day. And, of course, my car radio has prophetic powers maybe shared by all car radios. This past year the Eagles — with Glenn Frey’s son — put out an album. It happened that I heard it during the week it got air time in Bella’s XM radio. Oddly, Teddy loves the Eagles. Driving out to the Refuge with Teddy strapped into the passenger seat on a summer evening gave me a peaceful easy feeling so I developed a little fondness for that band.

You just never know.

In other news, 11 of the 12 I planted beans have stretched their little arms into the light of the day. One of them had a hard time — I guess I’d put the bean in the dirt upside down — but even it is righting itself. (Featured image). The wondrous thing about this is that these beans didn’t have a lot of time to ripen because we got a heavy snow on the 9th of September 2020 and I was out there covering 8 foot tall bean plants to protect them to give them a chance to ripen a few pods for this year. The beans growing now are the fruit of that effort.

Last year’s beans (and tomatoes) on September 9, 2020

Yesterday I also dug up half the bed in front and dug out the iris who were too crowded together and various other weird stuff that was growing in there (mostly grass). I will probably put the iris back and plant sunflowers. It is a job that should have been done three times by now and this is the first time I’ve done it.

The book is nearing completion which is pretty cool. AND I realized why I’m reluctant to leave the Covid lifestyle behind. For the past year I have been doing things I have never done with this much focus, dedication and commitment. I’ve done some things I’ve never done before. I have enjoyed that incredibly and don’t really want to let go of that. THAT’S why “normal” doesn’t have so much appeal to me and why I feel this sense of ambivalence. I’ve liked being an artist 24/7. I’ve actually never been happier. Today, a comment from a reader gave me more light on this. The world “out there” still doesn’t look that good so maybe I’m just going to keep this up to a large extent for another year. Maybe people will calm down, maybe the variants will wear themselves out.

23 thoughts on “My Song List from 2020

    • Thanks! I don’t think I’d feel this way if I were still teaching and involved in that reality. I don’t think this is great for working people or kids — or extraverts! 🙂

  1. Teddy and I would get along so well–I love the Eagles. Saw them twice in concert back in Jersey. One time they were the opening act for Emerson, Lake and Palmer. The Avett Brothers sang the opening song for a cooking show we had here on PBS a few years back. Southern chef (of course). But then she started a new series and a new theme song with a new band–and I don’t like it! I don’t think the new normal is gonna work for me. I am just so fine sticking close to home or going ‘out there’ but where there are no people. We have plenty of places to hike around with no one–I’ll leave the crowds to where they want to go–but it won’t be by me.

  2. I’m glad you shared your list. I’ve never heard the song Victory before. Thank you. And did you hear the chickens at the end?

  3. My new favourite song, “Home of the Brave”. I can bebop to that and the lyrics are great.

    I have so many home things to catch up on that I might not leave my place for another 12 months. Will get my first Astra shot this Sunday, Easter Sunday. There’s no requirement to return to the old life.

  4. I’ve liked who I’ve grown to be in the last year, too. I think I’ve grown like the beans. And the music and love made me sprout more. ❤️🤗

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