Yesterday I made what I have imagined would be my final pilgrimage to pick up groceries. I remembered the first time when I was apprehensive about even finding the right place to pick them up (easy to find). Now I ace this grocery pick up thing. As I listened to the car radio (which played my favorite song and anthem) I wondered about the future.

I have thought a lot about how relatively easy it has been to develop totally new habits. I remembered before Covid seeing young people, grocery store employees, wandering around the store, picking things up, putting them on three shelved carts and then checking out the stuff. I thought, “Who’s organized enough to do that?” I didn’t know how easy it was. The only thing I’ve missed out on is the rare occasions my store might have something like Swiss Emmenthaler cheese.

I had semi-resolved that next week I will go into the store because my vaccine will have kicked in. As I waited for my stuff in the parking lot I thought about that some more. This is really easy. I go online, I find my stuff, I choose a day and time, I pay, I drive, I wait a few minutes, I get my stuff and come home. I don’t go to any store in the middle of the week because I did a thorough job by choosing my stuff online. I very very rarely forget anything. A trip that was once a two hour chunk of a day + random trips for forgotten items is now an hour. (I have a 20 minute drive to the store…)

I thought, “Why would I change back to the old ways?” Suddenly I knew I wouldn’t. Why should I?

So now I’m curious. What changes have you made to accommodate Covid that you’re going to stick with, other than maybe continuing to wear a mask?

30 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes?

  1. Well I haven’t been inside a restaurant for a meal since September. I have gone to pick up take out recently. I am not sure I am going to many restaurants yet. I have gone shopping, maintaining distances, wearing the masks,

    • I’m not going to restaurants in the near future unless I can eat outside. Some little switch in my brain has gone to “off” about a lot of things, many I didn’t do that often anyway.

  2. I will still pick up many of my staples via curbside pickup. I have rather enjoyed going back to the meat counter and looking at fresh fruits and veggies in the store. I do not miss eating in a restaurant with the rare exception of a small breakfast cafe. I pick up fresh bagels curbside when they have a bakers dozen special and freeze them. I will continue to do that, too. There are still some items I cannot find here and order them online, so until the supply chain is better that will continue. I will always continue to washing of hands and hand sanitizer regimen. It is easy and safer.

    • It was weird at the beginning of the pandemic that people had to be told to wash their hands. I remember thinking, “Good god! What have you all been doing?” 😀

  3. Except for the mask, my behaviors haven’t changed all that much. But my discomfort with elbow-to-elbow gatherings will probably stay around for a good long while. Will not attend any. And hand washing has become a habit that will continue.

  4. I didn’t do the online curbside pick up. But I did change my shopping habits. I now only shop once every two weeks and only one store, and if I forget something, well it just has to wait. When I had to self isolate for two weeks because my job put me in close proximity to someone who tested positive (I didn’t get it) I ran out of dogfood. So, I called the shop where I purchase my pet food and the owner happily delivered to my door on her way home from work that evening. I sure hope some of that kindness doesn’t go away!

  5. I suppose I will dine out sometimes. But I’ve had groceries delivered for the last 8 years because if I can avoiding shopping I do.
    What I’m really looking forward to is traveling again. I miss that more then anything.

    • I’m thinking of traveling which I probably miss on some level. It’s nice to find someone who also avoid shopping! it seems like it’s fun and entertaining for a lot of people! Thank you for stopping by.

  6. We did not do curbside pick up but had ours delivered via Instacart. Had access to two major grocery stores, and a Costco even though live a half hour or more drive away! I think we will keep using this service because is a huge time and energy saver and wear and tear on cars and gasoline saver. Maybe not as often though. We will start returning to my favorite co op grocery store to get things we have been missing, but will stick to early AM. And restaurants, we will not eat indoors until the infections have gone way down, almost to nothing. Only take out or out doors for a long time. Over a year cooking nearly everything from scratch, and learning to make the things we missed like Japanese, Mexican, Indian, etc., heck I can make it myself! But, I am tired and need a break. Be pampered every once in awhile.

    • Thanks for responding. It’s been interesting to see how other people living in places a lot different from my little town have adjusted and what they are “keeping.” I’m tired, too. I’m trying to figure out what a break would be! 🙂

  7. Reflecting, about the only thing I miss from pre-pandemic days is outdoor concerts at the local ski resort. They were sparsely attended even then, lots of room to spread out on a big sloping lawn, so I’m hoping they’ll return this summer with safe social distancing.

  8. I don’t know when I’ll go to a restaurant again. My wife and I used to eat at a neighborhood cafe on Monday mornings. We sat in the same booth and were served by the same waiter. I miss him, but I don’t know when or if I’ll ever see him again.

  9. I had been getting my groceries delivered for several years before Covid. In fact my initial concern as supermarkets ran out of everything was because the stores temporarily stopped delivering. Disaster for me with the nearest store twenty minutes drive away, no car and not knowing anyone locally who could take me shopping. Luckily they soon recommenced deliveries for those in difficult circumstances and I qualified. I started using a delivery service when David got sick in 2015 and couldn’t drive any more, he used to do our shopping until then. I won’t fully go back to store shopping even when Naomi moves in because I don’t enjoy it. It takes time out of the day when you could be doing something more interesting and I don’t enjoy having to move round rude people who stand in the aisles talking. It saves us having to lift heavy items in and out of the car too. I prefer to order the bulk of the shopping once a fortnight and just visit the shops for perishable items and the odd thing that gets forgotten. Click and collect would be fine too, although I’ve never used it myself.

  10. At first I missed the community of Church – now I’m very uncomfortable with in person church especially when everyone is maskless and crowding me! I think on line/ live streaming may stay as my norm. Christmas shopping was fairly easy going the online/Amazon route. It was even less expensive and took much less time!

    • My friend Elizabeth, too, but now I think she’s going to be content meeting at church sometimes. It’s difficult when the priest lives several hundred miles away. There are only about 25 members in her church and only 11 or so attend. I haven’t shopped in a store for Christmas presents for ages. I shop on Amazon, Etsy and eBay. Usually I get an idea of what I’d like to give someone and then I have to go find it. 🙂

  11. I am such a loner that COVID didn’t really change my lifestyle that much. Took away things like movies and plays, took away sit-down restaurants, made me wear a mask. Knocked out acting class and shut down a couple events I was looking forward too. Already did 90% of my durable good shopping on line and I never started using grocery pickup. Since lock down started the trails near me have been filled with city folk.

    Nothing about COVID I’d want to continue with.

  12. I went back into the little supermarket that packed my groceries for me and found that many of the staff knew me or knew of me. I am very cranky now and don’t socialise so even though I could save time, I decided that it was really important take this small step into joining the human race again. I haven’t seem certain friends for a long time, so I either have to make the effort or drift apart. Some are probably feeling just like I do, wanting to make contact but not wanting to give up their me time.

    • I was thinking that our sudden launch into the unknown might have made the familiar less interesting to some of us. I don’t think I’m going into the store. Maybe if I travel somewhere where I might find Swiss gruyere, I’ll make the big leap. 😀

      • 🙂 The shop I go to is like the old fashioned corner store. It is very small and super quick to get around. It is not quite as interesting as it was under the previous owners. It was full of all this interesting food that nobody would ever buy but it was like going to a 100 international destinations at once.

  13. Just wanted to add, after being a hermit for over a year, and checking out where we are getting our shots yesterday some 30 miles away, middle of the day, and seeing how much more aggressive people have become in our area for some reason, I think will stay mostly a hermit for another year and hope everyone lightens up a bit. Will stick to shopping at 6am and get out of everyones’s way!

    • You just put words on the chaos in my brain. Yes. That’s what I want to do, too, and why. Half of my big valley has been vaccinated (21,000 out of 40,000) an all the health organizations are doing a great job reaching out to the very rural areas, but the variants make me a little nervous and the Trumpist factions are alive and well. I think we all have PTSD on some level.

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