Human Beans

Sometimes I wonder about being human. It’s all I’ve ever been or will be, and yet it seems strange to me. The convolutions of human development — body mind and spirit — often conflict with each other and the mores of our times — whatever they are — add another dimension.

Being human is an immense responsibility, and I don’t always feel up to it. First of all, we have to take care of ourselves which demands choices that we, ideally, make in our own best interest. Then, we make choices that affect others; same dilemma only worse. Then, we have to negotiate with others about these choices. Argh. Then, we make mistakes and have to mitigate the damage. One of the human things that irks me most is the tendency we have to judge the past by the present. I don’t know who said, “The past is another country,” but they were right. Even our own individual past is, in many respects, “another country.” Our only option is forward.

In bean news (which is the most important news) things are growing well so far. Farming is a day-to-day thing in many respects. There is no way to know what’s going to happen tomorrow, so you do your best in the present moment. Out of twelve beans I have (so far) gotten ten plants. One isn’t doing great but I haven’t given up and neither has he. I still don’t know if they’re poets or bandits, but they’re acting a lot more like poets than bandits. Please excuse the dirty windows. I hate them, but they have old-style storm windows on them, screwed on outside (no way in hell am I getting on a ladder to take them down) and someone did worse than paint the inside windows shut; they have been sealed with adhesive foam to keep out the cold. I can only wash the inside and the outside: the glass in the middle? One of my goals for this summer is figuring that out. If I had a lot of money, I’d replace all these old windows, but I don’t.


Looking out into the garden where they will live. The other pots have tomato and Genovese basil seeds, just planted, and scabiosa or pin cushion flower.

20 thoughts on “Human Beans

  1. I call it the charm of an older home. The beans all look great as they gaze upon their future home. How much longer before they go outside?

    • I live in a home built in 1903-which is old for this part of Wyoming. The windows have sometime along its life had storm windows placed with screws-many screws to the outside and the inside windows are painted shut. See we have more than we know, my new friend, in common! Linda

      • My house was built in 1928. There are a couple of storm windows out there of the old style — wood with those spin fasteners? But most have at least 8 screws. I am sure when they invented these aluminum storm windows somebody thought they were pretty up town!

        • People misinterpret everything. I ride the stationary bike not because I’m disciplined but because I actually enjoy it. Pretty much the same with everything I do. “How did you write all these books? You must have incredible discipline!” No, I wanted to see how the stories came out. This is one reason I sometimes find other people totally unbearable. You can sing your barbaric yawp over all the rooftops, but people just hear the echoes of their own. I’m the same. “Oh! Yay! We’re vaccinated! Let’s get together!” “Uh, no.” πŸ˜€ It’s hilarious

  2. My beans send greetings to your beans. On an aside…I won’t be able to do the weaving workshop because it’s during the day, but hopefully there will be another time, and I made a new human connection! Thank you!!

  3. So many choices. So many opportunities to get it right or, pessimistically, get it wrong. We are as the new lingo would characterize, complicated. I’m not so sure complicated has the right amount of confused tossed into the mix. I try to go with the flow and enjoy the scenery. I guess I’m channeling the beans! I figure window washing is done twice in the lifetime of home ownership tenure – when you first move in and when you are trying to sell. The rest of the time I let nature wash the exterior and Sparky the interior when he gets around to it (so far I’ve been waiting since 1995)…

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