After the Shot…

Some of you had questions about what happened after my second shot since a lot of us are getting to that point in our Covid trajectory.

I had my second Moderna Covid vaccine four days ago. I expected (hoped for?) some side effects because I’d had some after the first one, specifically I was very tired for two or three days after. When I got my second shot the nurse explained that there were often MORE side effects with the second vaccine because my body would have anti-bodies against Covid-19 and they would get into formation and charge the enemy (my metaphor, not hers).

The night after the shot, my neck and shoulders hurt and it was a hard to sleep. I cannot take NSAIDs, but I can take Tylenol, which I did. It’s not always very effective, so I took a B complex, also. It’s amazing how effective they can be against pain.

The next day I felt OK, I only had a sore arm and a minor upset stomach. In the evening, briefly, I had chills. Sunday I was fine. Monday, also, just a little tired and cranky, and I couldn’t taste jalapeño peppers.

This morning I noticed a large, red spot at the injection site. Later, after I took a shower, I saw that the inside of my left leg looked like someone had sprayed it with an airbrush and an incredible amount of cheap blush. No spots or anything. As we all do, I went to Dr. Google who had nothing to say about body rashes after the shot. There is a LOT about the arm rash (common occurrence) but nothing about body rashes.

So I emailed my doctor and described the rash. It didn’t seem like anything urgent to me, but I still thought I should find out if it WERE important. My physician’s assistant called me a little later and said she’d had the same but it had turned to hives and was very itchy. She recommended cortisone cream or Benadryl and said if it gets worse to call the clinic.

I guess the bottom line here is that it’s good to be aware that stuff can happen. I’m actually happy. All of these are Covid symptoms but sporadic and mild — at least so far — and the first shot is busy chasing down the bad guys in the second shot and converting them to allies.

That’s the physical stuff. Psychologically I have NO idea where I am right now. That’s another kind of side effect of the Covid vaccination. I’m sure some people can’t wait to jump back into whatever they were doing when this all started. I’m actually doing cooler stuff now than I have ever done before.

37 thoughts on “After the Shot…

  1. Martha, I had the second dose of Pfizer almost two weeks ago now. My arm was a bit more sore but overall I had very little discomfort. I think about two days of meh. Want to go for a walk? Meh. Let’s go to — for dinner. Meh. Cranky and uninterested kind of meh. Now I want to go to Portland and visit my sister. She is the last one of our original family beside me. It somehow seems important now that we have all sat at home for a year or more.
    Stay well

  2. Now you just have to wait for the rest of the herd to get caught up! Our capital of SK is going back to strict rules, they have a surge in the covid variant.

  3. I think that the vast majority of Australians will get the Astrazeneca vaccine. I don’t know anyone here who has had it yet but friends might get it before me as they are in group 1b and I will be in group 2.

  4. I also did the Moderna double dose and seemed okay other than a bit of a sore arm for a day. glad you powered through and are safe.

  5. I appreciate this feedback, Martha. Interestingly, after my first shot my neck and shoulders hurt (To describe my neck injury is a post in itself). I thought perhaps the immunization just exasperated my “condition”. I’ve heard many share about their symptoms post 2nd one. I’m glad you’re doing better~how awesome what all you’re doing! Hugs and love ~me and Finn 💛🐶

  6. I’m very hopeful that my 2nd dose of the Moderna doesn’t lay me low – I am still working on that study and they need me to be able to do the animal work… I’m glad to hear that you had a reaction that wasn’t debilitating! Have fun with Bear in the snow.

    • Bear and I had fun. The second shot didn’t really knock me out at all, it was just a little strange at odd intervals. 🙂 I hope you don’t have any more reaction than I had.

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