19 thoughts on “MORE Ink Drawings

    • I feel a little tired today and I showed up with a rash on my arm where I got the shot and then, weirdly, a red rash down the inside of my left leg. I emailed my doc because Dr. Google had NOTHING on this. My PA called me and said she’d had the same thing. She said hers itched so she used cortisone cream and that it was gone in a couple of days.

        • Maybe I should post this. Like the nurse told me that day, reactions are good (as long as they’re not life threatening). The rash on my leg has faded a bit, but the one on my arm hasn’t. You can expect to be sore in your neck and shoulders the night after. But if you can take NSAIDs you’re golden. πŸ™‚

          • I would post about it. I knew you had gotten your shot so was curious. I want to be prepared for any reaction. A lot of us are getting our second vaccines now so this would be some good info, Martha.

  1. I love both of these! The little girl holding the doll is so wistful. And the motion and movement in the first made me laugh. I can see the feather flapping in the wind as the sorry fella being dragged bounces and stirs up the dust!!

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