News from the Big Empty

Not translucent, but lucent, the sky and earth swept clean under the broom of March wind. It seems the cranes are departing and the stream of crane tourists has slowed down. The wind blew in hearty March fashion and Bear got to take her favorite little side jaunt (featured photo) where, soon, we won’t go. Snakes.

There was evidence that a raptor, coyote or fox got one of the two geese who insisted on nesting in a very exposed small hill along an irrigation ditch. Dry grass and fallen branches captured down and feathers when the wind slowed down enough to drop them. A few days ago I tried to tell them…

We humans (me) feel for the geese but other animals need to eat, too.

Seeing cranes yesterday wasn’t going to be easy for anyone, and even less so for people driving 25 in a 15 mph zone looking straight out the front window of their cars. In wind like yesterday’s, I knew the cranes wouldn’t be having the most fun of their lives. I saw a couple small groups take flight in front of me, flying low, taking advantage of a lull.

For Bear and me it was nearly perfect.

16 thoughts on “News from the Big Empty

  1. That’s a wonderful shot and an interesting piece. Most people walk right past wildlife without ever seeing it no matter their speed I find, I would love to live there.

  2. Wow ya opening! 🧹 clean 🧼 by ya March 💨 💨; glowing bright Sunlight a ragtag daily demonstration of God’s delights. Able to leap tall buildings in a 🎶 sound 🐻 howled to ya natural sounds! Predators about as ya preys rodents around and the sun ☀️ so shiny it causes stumbleabouts which shorten the trek meant to be for 5 years to boldly go where no human beings had been before in order to seek new worlds and species to further the interests of the the entire Universe Woohoo 🙌

  3. So glad you (and Bear) were able to enjoy the side jaunt minus the dangerous snakes… Everything is transient – geese, cranes, wind, sun, and snow. We have to take the opportunity to enjoy it when it appears and before it disappears!

  4. Gotta look all around or you miss the best part sometimes. That is a beautiful shot of the Big Empty. So the cranes have left, but will return. I also wish that goose had listened to you. Sigh.

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