Vaccinum consummavi

I am vaccinated. My neighbor had an appointment at the same time, and, as fate and small towns would arrange it, I followed them to the rodeo grounds in Alamosa where the “Vaccine Event” was set up. I took Teddy because I didn’t want to go by myself. I wore my Dead Kennedys T-shirt for obvious reasons — short sleeves and I don’t want to be a dead Kennedy. The dark and jagged humor pleased me.

When I entered the driveway, a friendly woman gave me a clip board with papers to fill out. She noticed Teddy, and we held up traffic talking about Australian shepherds. Nobody honked at me to hurry up, get moving, illustrating once again that I’m not in California any more.

As with the last event, this one was filled with very happy people. Seriously can you think of anything that would make people happier than knowing that they are doing something that’s going to save peoples lives, bring back their jobs, prevent them from falling ill. After my shot, Teddy and I waited in my car listening to music. Teddy wanted to meet all the people, but Teddy wears a seatbelt in the car so he wasn’t going anywhere. A nice woman came up to check on me and said, “Is he OK? He seems anxious.”

“He just wants to meet everyone.”

I could tell she wanted to meet Teddy, too, but since that couldn’t happen, we talked about dogs. Then she told me what to expect from my shot in the next few days. I soon got the impression that she was a nurse, doctor or university professor. “The worse you feel, the more it means the antibodies from the first shot are working, attacking, the, uh, icky guys in the vaccine. ‘Icky’ is a scientific term.”

“Latin, right?” I said, “Like ‘ickius magnus‘.”

“Yes. ‘ickii’.”

“The plural?”

After our fifteen minute wait, Teddy and I came home. Last night my arm started to hurt pretty bad and then my neck and shoulders. I can’t take anti-inflammatories so I hit it with a Vitamin B complex which worked well enough that I could finally get to sleep. So, the paradox is that I don’t want to feel lousy but, thanks to that nice woman, I’m also hoping that I’m hit with ickus magnus.

I’m sure Teddy has no idea what we were doing yesterday, but he seems to have liked it.

There’s something sobering about this whole thing. I can’t wrap my head around it and haven’t been able to this whole time.

~ ~ ~

The featured photo is my neighbor’s little boy looking out the window of their car at the tables set up where we wold get our shots.

28 thoughts on “Vaccinum consummavi

  1. Congratulations on getting your shot! It really is a great feeling to do something positive!

  2. What could be better than helping others while helping ones self?! I find it sobering that we really don’t know how well we or others are protected by these shots, and we may have to do it all again soon! Good to know, though, that you’ve had both your shots!

  3. Congratulations on getting your 2nd shot. Two more weeks for me. Interesting about ‘the worse you feel..’ I didn’t know that. I hope I feel really crappy. πŸ˜‰ Teddy so makes me smile. I enjoy your stories about him.

  4. Yay for you! What a good boy Teddy is for providing that support! I’m not sure when I’ll even be able to get my first shot, but I’ll be signing up as soon as I can.

  5. Glad this round is completed. Personally, I’m hoping to feel only mildly achy and tired, as I’m just not so good at being ill. Like you, arm and neck started aching fairly quickly. Grateful that I can take NSAIDS. Can you take acetominophen (tylenol)?

  6. I wonder if they call it a vaccine event anywhere else? It appeals to me. I hope it takes well, Martha. We have the Astra vaccine here. It is encouraging that people are still keen for it despite the recent bad publicity.

  7. B vitamins are essential for a healthy immune system. To many people drink caffeine which destroys B vitamins… it is a vicious cycle! I’m headed for my second vaccination on Thursday – ickius magnus hear I come!!

  8. You can check that off the list! It is a relief. I had similar symptoms plus weird mouth stuff. I think my immune system, which is mired in autoimmune issues, was muttering WTF is going on?! Happy for you πŸ™‚

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