More Ink Drawings

Yesterday I was out with Teddy and we had a great time. Soon after I came home, the air pressure dropped like a MF and I got a migraine so THAT’S the explanation. I hate the day after (that would be today) but feeling better now so did another drawing.

Here are the last two days work. It will be cool to be finished and see the book! Ahead of me are some people pictures and landscapes and, I think, a car. I’m about halfway there

This was in my email this morning. Cracked me up.

29 thoughts on “More Ink Drawings

  1. Martha, I woke up with a wicked headache after pressure change. This morning storms (I thought of you with all that snow ❄️ your way). It got HOT this afternoon and now, tornado warnings 20 miles to the West and snow flurries in the morning when I get my shot. No wonder I’m dizzy (ignore the blonde). Your ink drawings~these 3 are my favorite. Particularly the Doctor and farm scene. I can’t get over your talent. ❤️💚🍀

    • Thank you! I like the forest and the oil well, but my “client” likes them all and that’s what matters. ❤

      Sorry you got hit by a headache. Today's been kind of long but got better as the day wore on. I hope yours did too!

      • Happy Thursday! Yes, I’m better today. And I hope you are too. It went away since the front went through. Whew. I thought of you a lot last night. In my heart and mind I was thinking, “I wonder if Martha would’ve ever considered illustrating children’s books or even coaching?” ❤️💚💛💕

        • I’ve enjoyed this illustration job a lot. It’s nice for art to be a technical challenge more than a creative one. It’s a good school. As for coaching? I had enough of that kind of thing as a teacher. I honestly no longer care how well anyone else does. Terrible, I know. Besides, who am I? My life has not been anyone (else’s) idea of success. Who’d believe me? ❤ 😉

          • I absolutely understand. I will never ever again supervise anything. Lol 😂. But so you know, I think you are pretty darn amazing. So that’s who you are to me. ❤️ I believe you! I can relate to enjoying the technical challenge. First shot went well today. Arm a bit sore and my lower back? But that’s probably the weather. 💚

  2. Martha–the ink drawings are looking great. Dr Noyes….a tribute to your knee surgeon?
    I thought of you this morning as I scrolled MSN….a Husky dog so loves snow, he refused to move when his owner was shoveling the driveway. Dog held his own little pile of snow until he realized it was hopeless. And then he saw all the snow in the yard and had a blast!! Do you know him, Bear? ❤

  3. Do you by chance triage artwork from a distance? We have just mangled the “Draw a Paperbag with Wrinkles” assignment. We’ve started on colored pencils and look to be headed for a similar disaster with the ‘start with the complementary color’ and layer approach. It looks mangy–blotchy orange with streaky blue on top. We could definitely use a cure for art! Help!

  4. The drawings are all lovely – the cows make me smile! So sorry you had a migraine – they lay me low too but thankfully I rarely get one… (looking to knock on wood).
    As for a cure – no thanks I enjoy this disease condition called art!

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