“What a Long Strange Trip…”

I feel like I’ve been in a storm for the past year. As I read the latest text this morning from the people who are giving me my vaccine, confirming the location change they advised me of yesterday, I thought, “this has been so fucking weird.” I realized that I developed a position where I could stay a little balanced and now I’m afraid to disturb it. I think I’ll just go draw more pictures.

Box elder bug


21 thoughts on ““What a Long Strange Trip…”

  1. What a magnificent bug! I think many of us have developed that same sort of position of balance — I hope it is sustainable!

    • I think we have, too. I admit to being apprehensive about “normal” suddenly descending on me. I almost feel like writing a letter to friends saying, “I’m not the person you used to know.” But maybe I am.

      • I think we are the same people, but our interactions with friends and acquaintances will be different! I agree about being apprehensive — there will be lots of changes as to what is “normal,” and there may be things we don’t recognize as we navigate the new normal. Friendships are likely to adjust and remain, but perhaps with different parameters. And we will all retain new growth that we have attained during this long, strange year!

        • You’re right. I guess what I mean is, “Dear friends, I am not going to relate to you in the way I once did. I imagine you won’t relate to me in the same way, either.” πŸ™‚

          • Yes — and I also think that “normal” won’t so much descend upon us as it will creep back into our lives like the fog comes in from the sea. Hopefully it won’t obliterate our view of life and the world!

            • I think you are so right, “…won’t so much descend upon us as it will creep back into our lives like the fog…”

  2. I love your drawing of the box elder bug. We have them in the hedge across the road from us in Summer. I find them friendly fellows when they come and sit on my shoulder while I write my stories in the field.

  3. Good morning: Sharon shared this post. Think I recognize the scene, barn, mountain and the bug!!!!

  4. We will all achieve a new normal – it will be different, we will be different, everything will have changed in some way. We are trying to navigate in uncharted territory. I know there are some people who are diving off the dock and doing a breast stroke, some are cautiously wading in with arm floaties, others just dangling their toes into the water and then others who will only go on the water sitting in a boat (with a life preserver and wearing full scuba gear). The biggest thing is going to be accepting the comfort level of others despite how we approach the post-vaccine world. On the topic of box elder bugs – they really do have a pretty color with the red and black. Every year my MIL has thousands that swarm and nearly cover her front screen door. Fortunately a little sudsy water sprayed on the screen and they depart for friendlier environs…

    • I suspect I’m staying on the dock, not out of fear but because I found a lot of things in this strange reality that I like. I think you’re right; the biggest thing is accepting where others are and communicating clearly where we are. ❀

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