Interviewing My Dog on Her Birthday

“What do you want to do for your birthday, Bear?”


“You’re six years old today.”


“OK, let’s try this. Bear, if you could do anything you wanted today what would you do?”

“I have to go, Martha. There’s something outside that needs barking at.”

“Go ahead sweet girl. But come back. I have more questions.”


So much for interviewing Bear on her birthday. Soooo…I’ll talk to myself.

“Martha, looks like you’re going to get your second shot next Saturday.”

“That’s the plan.”

“So, once you’re immune what will you do first?”

“I don’t know. Walk Bear at the Refuge?”

“What about shopping. You’re going to go do that today I understand, ahead of the predicted big storm?”

“It’s not supposed to bring us even an inch of snow.”

“But you can’t tell, can you?”

“No. That’s why I’m going today. Plus, I’m out of fish oil and bananas.”

“Will you start going back inside stores when you’re immune to the virus? “

“Do you have any idea how weird that sounds?”


“Yeah. Like there’s a plague affecting the inside of stores or something.”

“There is.”

“Yeah, I know, but it still sounds weird.”

“So will you?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t like stores before. I’m not a shopper. Oh, here’s Bear. How did it go out there?”

“No problems.”

“Who was it?”

“That old man walking on the sidewalk. Everyday I need to remind him of certain important points.”

“Such as?”


39 thoughts on “Interviewing My Dog on Her Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to Bear!! I think Bear is a lot smarter than this interview made her out to be. Perhaps you need to ask different questions. Something like, “Bear would you like to go for a ride in the car?” or “Do you want to go for a walk?” Or even “Do you want a rawhide?” I bet her responses would be more to the point and enthusiastic!

    • You’re totally right. In fact, Bear was too smart for this interview. She is motivated by higher concerns such as, “How safe is the yard Bear?” “Do you want a cookie?” “Where’s Teddy?” “Do you want to see the kids?”

      • Hehe! We couldn’t say the word cookie when Ranger was alive. It resulted in a very Pavlovian response and I’d have to mop up a drool puddle!

        • Cookie is the word that gets Bear to come in at night. They have me trained to let them out and when they come in to give them a cookie. I am sure they think they taught me this trick. Bear has an inner clock that doesn’t fail. 7 pm 8pm 9pm 3 cookies

  2. Many Happy Returns of the Day Bear! Ziggy is three this year (although the date is questionable, but it was apparently March). I hope your human brings you a nice present to celebrate!

  3. This is so sweet. My daughter sent us a photo of her dog sitting patiently in front of a gift bag on her 7th birthday. And then later, a photo next to her bowl with a dog ice cream treat in it. The expression was close to Bear’s. It really needed a word balloon of some kind. Your dialogue is hilarious. πŸ˜€

  4. Happy Birthday, Bear! You are so pretty; I’ll bet Martha gives you anything you’d like. My cats hope you have a pawsitively awesome day. 😻

  5. Happy birthday, Bear! Finn says, β€œWow! Six years old! I’ll be 4 in June and I wish I we could party together!” Martha, I enjoyed your conversation with yourself and small talk with Bear. My dr arranged for me to be moved up on immunization and I’m scheduled for Thursday my first one! πŸ’šπŸΆπŸΆ πŸŽ‚ love and hugs πŸ€—

  6. Happy birthday Bear. My Cindy’s birthday is this month. I don’t know the exact date but it’s around now. She’s fifteen so she is getting a brand new bed for her birthday.

      • I will do that. Cindy can’t sleep on my bed anymore because there is no room for her on a single bed and her arthritis makes getting onto the furniture difficult these days so she has a bed in my room and another in the lounge.

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