17 thoughts on “I’m behind reading again

  1. I just want you to know that I was inspired to read Flatland. It was a strange and oddly disconcerting book. The low opinion of women disturbed me. The math/geometry made my brain itch… but I finished it and now can proclaim that I read it. Enjoy your reading! (and I hope none of it is in any way like Flatland!)

    • There’s some awful stuff but I’ve also found some really wonderful things! Flatland is a very strange book. I didn’t like it but my dad did help me appreciate the theoretical math aspect.

  2. Good morning, Martha. I need to go back and read your posts. I’m behind reading about 5 days. It doesn’t surprise me that the first thing I read is from you. I had friends from Arkansas (my former hiking group) come up and spend 4 days. We hiked, ate, hiked, ate, bowled, laughed, played games-as if quarantine never happened. Stay safe and Finn and I send love and hugs to you, Teddy, Bear 💕🐶

        • ❤ Thank you. We're a little constricted right now because the crane tourists are here with dogs and cars and so on, but I love that people are curious about and love the cranes so much that they are here to see them. The cranes, Bear, Teddy and I will be back to normal at the end of this month when humans think the cranes will leave. 😉

          • Those silly humans! 😁🤨 I’m getting ready to head out the door with Finn BACK to the vet. Remember how she doesn’t find the vet as fun as Teddy. They missed her dew claw and that nail has grown back into her itty bitty paw pad. I know I should do it myself~but just can’t. As if that wasn’t enough for her to deal with when they forgot about it LAST week when she was clipped and glands expressed (let’s leave that one here…). I have roast beef for my baby girl as a super treat after her visit. She’s a trooper. The sun is shining and I’ve had joyous time playing with her in the rays. 💚❤️

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