31 thoughts on “Women’s Wilderness Legend, Waterproof

  1. I love the new blog title and I’m glad you love the new boots! Now you can BE the legend, and waterproof. I myself ordered boots with studded soles, like the old snow tires. I did this after falling three times! I love them–I can walk around with confidence. The down side is I can’t wear them inside because they’d be hard on the floors. The boots make the woman!

    On Thu, Feb 18, 2021 at 2:55 PM Women’s Wilderness Legend, Waterproof wrote:

    > Martha Kennedy posted: ” is in the house and they feel and fit like old > friends. A little stiff because they’re new, but WOW. I’m keeping them ” >

    • The boots DO make the woman. Bear and I went out to the Big Empty for a short test-walk and the boots are wonderful.

      I’m glad you got studded boots. Falling is the WORST. I tend to do that in the house. Scary.

  2. I’m so happy to hear that, Martha! I’ll expect pics …lol I bit the bullet and ordered the cheapest pair of Mucks I could find. I’m going to need them working around my house (I use to have some by Berne -I think that was the name-). I’m getting new bibs too. I’m reading to work in the dirt and get outside on the trails pronto! Happy Friday to you 3. Sending love and hugs! Finn and me ❤🤗

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