Chinese New Year

This morning on Facebook the local thrift shop posted some photos. I saw something I needed. For a long time I’ve wanted to replace an open book shelf with one with doors. I texted the shop owner to find out the price. When she told me, I was there in minutes. I got them home, maneuvered them into the house, rearranged furniture, and loaded these two beautiful antique scholar cabinets with books. I should have put the Chinese novels and history books in them, but since I was emptying other shelves to do this, I didn’t. But I don’t think it matters, anyway.

As we were loading my car, about a hundred Sandhill cranes flew over us.


33 thoughts on “Chinese New Year

    • Thank you. I’m so happy to have them. I’m going to put my little library of Chinese classics in them I think and move some of the medieval books out. Well, I guess replace them with Chinese medieval books.

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