Naturally I’ve been following the impeachment trial and naturally I’m not surprised by the outcome. I think we all knew his Dumbshitness would get off without even a hand-slap in spite of the overwhelming evidence that many of us saw in real time on January 6 and again and again and again during the trial.

On top of that, Teddy’s injuries remain problematic and frustrating for him and me. So, I attacked this day by doing a Mother’s Day garden sign and rewrapping and bandaging Teddy’s foot. I called the vet, too, unfortunately after they closed, and was advised to keep it wrapped and keep him relatively quiet and, if things aren’t better Monday, go back to the vet. I love my vet but this is absurd — or not. I don’t know. At least I have first aid kits up the yin-yang at this point.

And then… I decided to take Bear out to the Refuge. I’d had enough of this day, Teddy needed to stay quiet, so what were we hanging around here for?

The storm that’s putting deep cold and snow north of here is moving down tonight. We should get a few inches (2 or 3) and very cold temps. As I headed to the Refuge I saw the storms moving into the mountains, hiding the Sangres and air-brushing the San Juans. It was gorgeous and wild. On the way, I passed two young black and white cows playing in a field, kicking up their heels and looking joyful.

Once at the Refuge I looked for cranes in their usual place, but I didn’t really expect them to be hunkered down in such an exposed location in such a bitter wind. I took Bear on her favorite trail and she smelled everything she could. There was copious deer poop and a few tracks. Then we headed toward the small grove of trees. The wind was blasting me so hard I put up my hood even though it would muffle all the sounds I usually listen for — but the wind might drown them out anyway. Then, I saw them on the far horizon with Mt. Blanca behind them, rising in the distance, hundreds, heading into the soft low clouds calling to each other. Bear and I stood a long time and watched. It was enchanting. They soared rising higher and higher calling out to each other, surrounding me. Meanwhile the storms moved around the mountains, revealing Mt. Blanca with new snow and shrouding the San Juans under a foreboding cloud with the sun above it.

As I pulled into my driveway it was snowing. I got out to open the garage door and a dozen cranes were flying low above me, talking to each other.

27 thoughts on “Magic

    • I don’t know what’s going on with Teddy’s foot. The bleeding seems to come from the injury on the back of his foot (very hard to see) and the vet said that it’s nothing to worry about, that there are a lot of blood vessels back there. It might even have been the rubber boot I’ve been using so he could play outside, so I’m going back to the baggy. Poor little dog. I think he’s a model to all of us of patience, optimism and faith. He has not lost one bit of his sweet nature and is still perfectly willing for me to mess with his foot. ❤

  1. Poor Teddy! I hope he’s still staying away from that glass door (that’s no longer glass) — could he still have a little glass in the wound? I hope you can manage to keep him still enough that the foot can heal properly! I love that the cranes followed you home — are you sure they were talking to each other, and not to you?

    • Between us, I think they were talking to each other and to me. They were flying so low it was wonderful. I can really understand why the Chinese and Japanese revere these birds so much. ❤

      • When the herons lived in the trees at Dana Point, I was sure they knew me as a friend — yes — I understand the cranes becoming such a strong part of the culture of China and Japan.

        • I think the animals know from our behavior that we are not there to harm them. I’m not sure a bear would know, but animals who frequent the same places we do get the message. I’m sure of that. To me that’s a wonderful thing.

          • It’s a shame we can’t translate the animal languages as we would with other foreign languages 🙂 ! I’d love to be able to chat with the birds, be they herons or cranes!

            • I think animals haven’t lost the ability to understand and communicate without words. I’m pretty sure my dogs have always known a lot more about what’s going on than I do in many ways. 🙂 The Cranes are very noisy and constantly (unless they’re sleeping) making contact with each other with a wide range of sounds. I hope you attend the Virtual Crane Festival. There will be things I can’t possibly capture out there. 🙂

            • Here’s the link to the Monte Vista Crane Festival website.


              You have to buy a ticket. I think the money goes to the National Wildlife Refuges of the San Luis Valley.

              “Once you have a ticket, you can watch it with live chat on March 12, 7 pm MST, or from March 13-17, you can watch it all or portions at your leisure.”

              I think it should be something great to watch.

  2. The sign is perfect, Martha. I love that spray of purple in the centre. I hope you have made some signs for yourself.
    When she was a wee teenager, Ama cut into one of her tendons. It took about six weeks to heal. I hope Teddy doesn’t have something like that. Even a week is such a long time for a small, bouncy boy.
    There could be no greater contrast between the cranes and the other pack of animals.

  3. The snow is up to the 4th step on my front porch. Temperature might get up to zero today. My phone tells me it’s snowing but my eyes tell me no. Maybe it’s making it’s way across town.

  4. Poor Teddy, poor Martha! It is so stressful when our fur babies are not quite themselves, and it is so much harder when the injury is in such a sensitive area.
    I love that the Cranes followed you home. They weren’t done having a conversation with you.

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