Quotidian Update 19.34.6a.iiv

I imagine I was a little girl exploring some rocky place when I first met the echo. I remember thinking it was absolutely the most mysterious and miraculous thing. And, of course, my brother and I tried to make it happen whenever we possibly could. My dad, true to form, offered up a detailed discussion of the physics behind the echo and some of that sank in, but over all it was just yet one more wonder of life on Earth.

Among life’s mysteries is that of the little dog who loves everyone. Teddy T. Dog got his stitches and staples out yesterday. He can be hard to control at the vet’s because he’s just so HAPPY TO BE THERE. Seriously. He LOVES the tech who has taken care of him. He ADORES the vet. He’s OVER THE MOON to see the people at the front desk.

You can tell dog lovers from dog not-so-muchers by the way they react to Teddy. Teddy will sit if you tell him, but what he REALLY likes is to jump up for a hug and a good face lick. Dog lovers seem to WANT him to jump up on them which challenges my best efforts to teach him not to. But I can only teach my dog, not all the people in the world. Everyone at the vet is perfectly happy to have Teddy all over them with kisses and snuggles.

As the tech held him down I put my hand in front of Teddy’s mouth so he could lick me — stress lick, I think. I told the tech I’d get down on the floor to help but it’s not easy for me to get up. He said, “Not that easy for me, either. My knees are a mess.”

He’s a young guy. I reacted, “Really?”

“I’ve already had both knees rebuilt.” I asked him why and he said, “Big animals.” Most of their practice IS large animals. “This will sound worse than it is, but once was a bull. He didn’t mean to. He leaned against me and that tore my ACL.” I imagined one of the gentler bulls doing just that, basically the opposite of trying to hurt him.

I felt again that I missed out on something not having grown up in the country. In fact, I often feel that way, maybe because I’m living in the country NOW and I’m surrounded by people who have always known this world. I don’t know this world. I just respect it. “The other was a horse. It spooked coming out of a trailer.”

We just get one lifetime. “At a time,” whispers Lamont.

To celebrate his liberation, I took Teddy for a short walk out at the slough. It was muddy and there was copious dog shit everywhere. For Teddy these were enhancements to the experience, but I felt mildly dismayed. People are pigs but a trash can at the trail head would really help, but no. It’s like a war between the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and dog owners, weirdly because this is an area where hunting is encouraged in the fall and dogs are welcomed. Since Covid, a lot more people are taking their dogs out there and letting them run. The people don’t even get out of their cars.

Teddy had a blast walking in the mud without his cone, bandages and boot, but when we got home he over cleaned that foot and opened two tiny sores where the staples had gone in. Sad to say, he’s wearing a light bandage now and…the cone. He doesn’t even mind any more.


26 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 19.34.6a.iiv

  1. I have been following Teddy’s progress and am glad that everything is now almost back to normal, even Teddy’s reactions are normal. I am sure he was just checking the injury with his tongue and discovered it had become quite an interesting part of his foot.

  2. Oh, Teddy…. I feel so bad when I see a dog on the street and he comes to greet me. First thing the owner always says is, ‘Down!’ But I am no help–I love getting dog kisses, so almost encourage the behavior the owners don’t want. But a happy dog like, Teddy….oh, yeah. Come here, sweet boy.

  3. Toulouse is always happy to see people, but he’s not rambunctious about it like he used to be. When he’s a happy boy it’s unmistakable. When he’s happy, I’m happy.

  4. I’m glad Teddy had a nice walk — but sorry to hear he reopened his wound! It’s hard to keep a small child or an animal down when they are feeling so much better, but this time he will heal quickly and the bandages will disappear soon. Maybe the boot will be a must for walks for a while?

  5. Great news of Teddy’s recovery (well almost once the foot is healed over). So much joy in one dog – not just a tail wagging to let everyone know. 🙂 Probably celebrating the end of the cone too.

  6. keep healing and enjoy the slough. 0 degrees here this morning, takes care of the mud. I am often challenged by dogs such as teddy–support manners or just enjoy their joyful exuberance?

  7. Hehe! I love that Teddy is a lover. As a VetTech I always appreciated the happy dogs. Sounds like his wounds are nearly a thing of the past – maybe just a couple more days…

  8. Teddy T knows his people. And his people love him (if only to train humans like you stated?). I’ll never understand why people choose to not clean up after THEIR babies. You could write a book on this I’m sure. And we really know the reason~and can’t change them. Finley does not like the vet. It makes me sad because they love her so much. All was fine until they removed her leg;so you know what she’s thinking when we park there. Country life is interesting. And the injuries this young tech has reminds me of the vets in my neck of the woods. Teddy is such a precious boy. I’m sorry he has on the cone and bandage again. And now, it’s no biggie for him because he’s just tougher and as capable to handle such things. I’d expect I’d hug and love on him right back. So would Finley! Keep healing Teddy. 💜💚❤️🐾🐶

    • “Thank you Karla! Finley, the vets are GREAT they will HUG you and maybe give you a COOKIE.” ❤

      "Teddy, not everyone has had the same experiences at the vet as you."

      I'm sorry Finn. He's just a little dog. He doesn't know.

      Out there before Covid, people didn't just open their car doors and let their dogs run, but now they do and I'm afraid that will be common practice from now on. 😦

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