Forget the Groundhog. Look at the Sky

They’re back. Not ALL of them, but at least 150 of them and probably more. Yesterday as I packed Teddy into the car to take him to the vet for a new bandage and a look at his stitches, fifty or so were soaring above me calling out in the grey sky. We’ve had such an open winter that it’s not surprising they’re here already, though, according to my Facebook memories, it’s not that early in the season for them to begin appearing.

Who are they? If you’ve been reading my blog over the last year, you can probably guess “Sandhill Cranes” as, during these strange pandemic days, I’ve probably written about them at LEAST as much as I’ve written about Scarlet Emperor Beans but not as much as I’ve written about my dogs. I’m hoping Bear and I can go out to the Refuge later and see if we can see any ourselves, though the ground right now is not the crane’s favorite texture and there isn’t much open water in the ponds, if any. Cranes are not water birds exactly, anyway.

Not that it’s spring. It’s not. In fact, where I live we don’t dare to put plants in the ground until June 1. I guess that’s how the Sandhill Cranes like it. The warmer it gets here, the sooner they head north. Not far, as it happens. This group of cranes only goes to the Snake River area, Yellowstone area. It’s a beautiful corridor.

The tourist literature for Monte Vista saying the cranes are here in March and in October in smaller numbers. My heavily crane focused year has shown me they are here most of the time. I’m grateful for that.

19 thoughts on “Forget the Groundhog. Look at the Sky

  1. Yesterday, Robins flocked around the house. Hadn’t seen ’em for a few months. I took it as a sign that spring is not too far away. It’s supposed to get cold (for us) next week. But I think the Robins are here to stay.

    • I think you’re right. 🙂 I usually look at the first robin as a sign of “Oh damn. Summer’s coming” but this year I’ll be glad to see summer.

  2. The cranes are back!!! I’m so glad you saw them, and heard them calling out to you! It’s feeling a little like spring here, too — the frost on the roofs is less thick, and melting off more quickly, and we have sunny days again. Still cool, but mid-60’s is spring weather! I hope Teddy’s wound is healing well so he can soon go out and see for himself, and meanwhile I hope your walk with Bear is delightful!

    • Teddy’s wound is almost healed, I’m happy to report. I saw it yesterday at the vet’s and it looks great. I LOVE Southern California in this season and I’ve been a little homesick.

  3. Wow! It feels like you were just writing about them leaving. Way to cold here for any spring arrivals, we’re in the middle of an extreme cold warning. Yet, you still hear the little birds that stick around chirping their hearts out. I wonder what they are saying?? Probably “someone turn up the heat!”

  4. Yes, the birds are feeling the shift. The light is certainly changing, with the sun higher in the sky, and while its pretty cold and more snow coming, we are getting glimmers of spring.

  5. Marvelous! I haven’t seen any signs of spring here – yet. I’m hoping for an early spring despite what Punxsutawney Phil might think. Such good news that Teddy is healing well! I’m sure he is anxious to be able to get out for a real romp in the Big Empty!!!

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