More Politics… Sorry

I was thinking last night that people like Trump, his ilk and fan base actually benefit from the system they say is broken and that they want to destroy. Because free speech is a thing in this nation, neo-Nazis and cult groups can flourish. They can use the law to defend the rights that they would, should their movement succeed, take away from others. “My” congress person, Lauren Boebert, who’s so proud of her guns etc. would use those guns against people who have the same right to free speech (and divergent beliefs) as she has. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, who voted for Trump’s impeachment, has faced a back-lash from the Trumpists who say she’s not a true conservative. These people are using our system to push authoritarianism, the kind of regime in which they would not have the liberties they’re availing themselves of now.

This all hit me when one of the insurrectionists — Jenny Cudd of Midland, Texas — pled with a judge that she be allowed to take a pre-arranged vacation before starting her jail term.

Cudd’s lawyers have filed a request to leave the country from February 18–21 for a “work-related bonding retreat” in Mexico with her employees and their spouses. Yes Cudd, who was charged with entering a federal building without permission and engaging in disorderly conduct and is not allowed to travel to Washington, D.C., unless it’s for a court appearance or to meet with her lawyers or pretrial services officer, would like to leave the country for a little vacation to Mexico’s Riviera Maya because why not?

The weirdest thing of all, to me, is that she is being allowed to go.

It’s really hard for me to wrap my head around this, but I think what we have here is a government and society that works so well that people don’t even realize where it begins and ends. So many of the insurrectionists seem to have had no idea that they committed a very serious crime against the system they rely on just as they rely on having air to breathe.

I’m not going to go far into the race issue here, even though President Biden did, saying, “No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol. We all know that’s true, and it is unacceptable.” (Vanity Fair)

Race is a big issue, but I don’t think it’s the biggest issue. I think the bigger issue is that these people seem to have had NO IDEA that they were committing a crime, no idea that the law of the land protects their right to protest, no idea that everything they assume to be REAL about their lives in this country is defined and protected by laws. It is our right by the sheer accident of having been born here. That Jake Angeli’s (Q Shaman) mom could demand that her son be fed organic food in prison is a clear illustration of how entitled and ignorant we are as a people. And, her poor, innocent, insurrectionist, conspiracy theory touting little boy is now being given organic food.


The Weimar Republic was a beautiful idea with a constitution that was nothing short of inspiring. It lasted a mere fourteen years from 1919 to 1933, pushed aside by the rise of Nazism. The Republic had the enormous task of reconstructing and redefining Germany after WW I. It had little help from other nations who were angry at it for the horrors of WW I. We are there right now. Our government — which it seems far too many people take for granted — will have a big struggle to rebuild this nation internally from the devastation caused by COVID-19 and internationally from the devastation caused by Trump’s regime. It seems to me that the Trumpists are as dangerous (and as stupid) as ever. Biden has a very hard job and he will have to succeed quickly. This could simply be the silence before the storm.

Meanwhile, the DOJ has arrested and charged almost 200 of the insurrectionists. You can learn more about that here. But…

Michael German:There is tremendous amount of public evidence that can be used even today to target the most violent actors.I am concerned that the FBI in particular and the Department of Justice are focusing on January 6 as if it a sui generis event, and not recognizing that many of these people had been engaging in violence around the country for months or years.

45 thoughts on “More Politics… Sorry

  1. A man near my hometown has been charged for his role in storming the capital. His lawyer is, of course, the most well-known attorney in SW MO. His reason for what he did: he was pressured by others that said, “come on, we’re all doing it.” Really???? I just shake my head. Ignorance is so dangerous.

        • All kinds of pent-up emotions, anger, loneliness, etc. have broken out over this past year and in ALL of the demonstrations I’ve seen the same thing. Children having tantrums. “But Jimmy gets to go to Disneyland! Why can’t I?” kind of thing. These people live in a zero-sum reality out of stupidity and ignorance and laziness.

  2. I agree with you: people who want to smash the system so soon forget it’s the system that allows them to protest in the first place. I thought this of the journalists that were verbally smashing DT a few years back. “Have you no respect for your own leaders that you’re holding them up to international ridicule!? If he was such a Hitler as you’re claiming, you’d have “disappeared” in the night.”

    I felt the same now when I read the news. “Can it be some Americans have no respect at all for their govt and the nation’s highest offices?” (Or are some of these guys in this to make the Right look so horrible?” I’ll leave just a bit of room for that.)

    • They’re not in it to make the Right look horrible. The PBS article I linked is very clear. There’s a struggle in the “Right” here in the US between fascism and conservatism. They’re going to have to sort it out among themselves. As for the media holding DT up to international ridicule, he did that with his own mouth and actions.

      • It’s obvious from what we’re seeing that this struggle exists and there are some very violent extreme Right fringes. This is cutting your own throat — as you have said so well. However, I always feel some skepticism about individuals who’ve joined these movements and what their personal motives might be. And I know the Press tends to give the story the slant they see best.

        As for DT, I’ll admit I wasn’t very informed about his speeches, and he may have blabbed his way to public embarrassment for the US. The Press has a right to comment on the statements and actions of a Leader as part of the right to free speech, but from what I saw there was a constant personal ridicule that went far beyond.

        I think all name-calling should be banned, for anyone. Any person may be wrong, not have his facts right, or speak unwisely — even foolishly. But let’s eliminate accusations like Fool, Idiot, Moron, or Buffoon. These are just as wrong as calling a woman as a b-, or a black as a n-, IMO. When the media, who’d jump on any epithet about gays or racial epithets, can call the President an idiot…it’s not right and it generates disrespect in the whole country. Sorry for ranting. 😦

        • Name calling should be banned — well, people should have a higher purpose — DJT was the master of it, though. With the access we have today to first person sources, no one needs to hear or read the “news” per se. It will always be slanted one way or another, sometimes drastically. But everything has always been right there in front of us. Trump’s behavior and speech inspired some and earned the contempt of most. The news media didn’t need to be involved for that to happen.

          I don’t recommend listening to his speeches or reading his tweets or anything about him, but I was often shocked and frightened. He did openly and directly call for armed rebellion when he lost the election. He treated foreign leaders with contempt — except leaders of authoritarian regimes. I believe he knew exactly what he was doing and who his supporters were. Some Americans gloried in it which makes me very sad. They had (it seems) no idea that what they revered would result in a loss of their liberties if taken to the inevitable limit.

          As for the office of the presidency — it’s no better than the person in office, really. What needs to be respected is the will of the people. Trump’s victory shone a light on some problems in our system — he lost the popular vote by a lot is one. This has led to many states voting to abolish the electoral college. It will take major legislation for that to happen and dives right into the deep and apparently insoluble philosophical divide between urban and rural populations. That is the biggest problem we have, I think. 😦

          • So maybe there will be a very slim sliver lining come out of this dark cloud. And people in public office should be held to high standards. As we see in t he bible, a leader’s example is what the people follow, for better or for worse.

  3. Yeah, the danger is still there. Being allowed to go to Mexico? WTF! What is going on?? (big surprise if her vacay lasts longer…) The effects of the last 4 years are embedded in so many layers of our society/government/cultural mindset. It’s freaking scary. So no need to apologize for bringing up politics. We have to remain aware of what is going on – maybe even more so now. Sigh.

  4. I doubt folks had no idea they were committing a crime. I think they were well aware of the crime but thought they were overthrowing the government, so it would be okay. And they knew they were white. As for the Qshaman, it wasn’t futile. A judge has ordered the jail to provide him with organic food.

    • Seriously? This country is so spoiled. I think you’re right; they thought they would overthrow the government but I also think they thought that if they failed, everything would be OK.

  5. I see that your new congresswoman reimbursed herself more than $22,000 for mileage during her election campaign in 2020. From April 1 to November 11, she apparently put on almost 37,000 miles campaigning. Are there that many miles of roads in your district?

  6. There were clearly a number of folks who were bent on doing evil. At the same time there was a large majority who were swept up in the excitement of the moment. The folks who simply ran into the capitol for a selfie were still breaking the law and ought to be punished for it. Trespassing on federal property, illegal entry, criminal mischief, whatever fits. Being stupid or overly excited are not exculpatory.

    The people who vandalized the place ought to be punished harder. There were folks out there with firearms and that is illegal as all hell in a federal building. There were criminal threats, assault and battery, involuntary manslaughter, attempted murder, murder, illegal explosive devices, terrorism and conspiracy to do all the above. The list goes on. If we can identify the ringleaders, they should get a lifetime all expenses paid vacation to the federal Florence, CO “SuperMax” facility.

  7. I read all of the comments with interest. Trumps claim that the election was fraud has international repercussions. Look at Mien Mar (not sure of spelling) where the military have taken over in a coup after saying the election there was not safe (not to their liking) and have arrested An San Sung Chi, plus many of the other politicians. An example of how his ideas have allowed authoritarianism to occur.

  8. I have a neighbor who I really like. She is smart, hard-working, funny, talented, and a Trumper. I told her once that she was my favorite neighbor, and she was really shocked. A Biden person liking a Trump person? I try not to dwell on her irrational choice of politics. However, it is her belief, and she does not name call or vehemently preach Trumpisms. She often will question why we, who voted for Biden did so, as I do questioning her Trump vote. I may not understand her for her politics. However, I try to compare to my very religious friends (I believe in Mother Nature) who never preach religion to me. My Vegan friends who don’t understand why I eat meat. Having differing views is great, as long as you don’t force it on me, don’t get violent and vitriolic, and don’t judge because mine are different. I agree, had the rioter’s colour been different, reaction would be different. And, were it not America, it would be the Russia that Trump loves so much. Look at the government reaction to the protests there. No Mexico trips allowed under Putin.

  9. I think many of these people think they haven’t committed a crime because they believe that it is only people UNLIKE THEM who do commit crimes. Their privilege has convinced them that when they do something, or receive a benefit from the government for example, that they deserve it — whereas THOSE PEOPLE do not. The reverse is that THEY DON’T DESERVE PUNISHMENT because they are not THOSE PEOPLE.

    • I agree with all of that, plus, in the case of some of these people, they seem to truly believe God has called them to dismantle the republic — yet another “legitimization” of anarchy. I think they are so enmeshed in their alternative reality that they don’t realize they are embraced by an external reality (laws) that is actually protecting them. If I were the boss, I’d change a lot of things about our system starting with a diminution of presidential power. But so far no one’s asked me. :-p

      When I was researching the Crusades the most entertaining fact I uncovered was that the pope at the time (1000 ad more or less) thought the Crusades would be a good way to siphon the out-of-control adolescent second sons away from Europe and help bring peace to the towns and villages.

      • That pope did what our military does today … but alas we see that sometimes those crusaders come back home even more of a danger.

        • Exactly. Where some of those 11th century teenagers went hoping to save their souls, our teenagers go hoping to return for an education. What that says about us bears some serious thought, I think. I taught a lot of those “kids” the last decade of my career and so many had been hornswoggled into enlisting by promises that were totally hollow. Broken kids. 😦

            • I believe high school needs to teach trades (again), but you’re totally right. Free college would decimate the military. But how sick is that? “Here, survive the shit of war and come back and we’ll pay for your education if you’re not too fucked up to learn anything.” I’ve taught kids who were too shell-shocked to learn. Nothing makes me more furious, actually. And there are multiple stimulae for fury these days.

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