Cabbage Head

When Teddy pulled out his stitches (if that’s what happened) last Thursday, I didn’t have a single thing with which to properly dress his wound. I ended up wrapping it in a paper towel, taping it with wrapping tape and putting a sock on it. That very night I went on Amazon and ordered a small first aid kit. I know it’s important to have one in the house. I’ve always had one, but I guess when I moved that, among other things, just vanished. I ordered one for pets with the stuff you need if you trim their nails and they bleed. All the other stuff? It’s not species specific. It was a small kit I could put in my day pack.

Monday rolled around and the mail arrived. Since Teddy’s Great Adventure, noise at the front door is no longer greeted by fierce barking and other racket. I went out later to get the mail and there was a big, heavy bag with a box inside and in my mailbox another package from Amazon, smaller and soft. I brought everything inside, and opened it all.

Two first aid kits??? The box was a giant, complete, beautiful first aid kit. One of the others — a small bag — contained the first aid kit for pets. I was terrified. Had I ordered TWO first aid kits and didn’t remember? I began having visions of being at my docs and taking the exam where you have to identify the elephant and not being able to. Was that where things were going?

With incipient dementia in the back of my, uh, mind, I went through the tasks I’d planned to do yesterday. The main task was organizing my stock of notecards. As I worked, I kept thinking, “Is the reason I can’t keep track of this stuff? Because I’m on the threshold of ‘the home’?” Some of the women in my family have gotten dementia — including my mom — and I really don’t want that to happen. Of course, if it does, maybe I won’t know but THEY knew.

Then in the afternoon I got a text from a friend, “Did you get my valentine present?”

I THEN thought to go on Amazon to see if I HAD ordered two first aid kits. I hadn’t. Why didn’t I do that SOONER? Was it another symptom?

I texted back, “is it a large, beautiful first aid kit?”

“YES! Do you like it?”

I hope they are like the fan belt I carried in my VW Bug for years and years, a talisman against a broken fan belt. Teddy soldiers on. He’s learned to sit still and give me his paw when he wants to go outside and I have to cover his foot with a baggy. I found a heavy duty one that does a good job. 10 more days in the cone, four days until he gets his wound checked. He really did a number on himself.


For those of you who don’t fanatically follow my blog, about 10 days ago my little mini-Aussie, Teddy, launched himself into the glass of my front door when the UPS guy came. One foot went through the glass, resulting in two serious lacerations. I took him to the vet, they stitched them up (at least one of them). Then, last week I found one of the wounds was open, resulting in another trip to the vet, more serious sutures, wrapping and a cone. He’s doing OK, is used to the cone and, hopefully, healing well under all that.

32 thoughts on “Cabbage Head

  1. What a wonderful gift and surprise! Now I’m going to check them out as well. What a sweet gesture from your friend. Teddy, I’m still sending prayers your way. You’re a trooper! πŸ’šβ€πŸ’›πŸΆ

  2. What a great neighbor you have! And how cute does Teddy look sleeping with that cone?! I’m glad he seems to have learned from his accident, but what a way to learn.

  3. Aw, the poor fella! I knew something had happened because I saw your post about the cone, but I didn’t know what! Ouch!! “They” (canines) do regard the delivery persons as enemies, although why is a mystery. If their human freaked out, that’s one thing, but at least in my house, there’s no reaction. But you’d think I was being invaded the way Ziggy carries on. Best wishes to Teddy for speedy healing! What a great gift you received too! That is a very thoughtful and handy one!

    • Thank you! Since my dogs’ food is delivered, and their treats, and their toys you’d think they’d be happy to see the delivery people, but no. They view them as a curse on life on this planet.

  4. Probably the best things to have in a doggy first aid kit is a disposable razor, gauze pads, some quick clot, and vet wrap. Pretty typical kit for a hunting dog. That will fix most things this side of an amputation long enough to get the doggy to the vet. I have a wound stapler but it can’t be used close to the eyes or on the feet and takes a bit of instruction to use properly, so most people won’t want one.

    Vet wrap is super stretchy, doesn’t care if it gets wet and clings to itself but not very much to the fur. It is easy to adjust to what pressure you need. It’s my preferred wrapping tape in my personal kit. The idea is to hold the edges of a laceration together under some pressure and wait until the quick clot does the stitching.

    The kit my vet made up for me also included a hypo and some kind of steroid (can’t remember the name) some rimadyl for pain and one day of amoxicillin. Human pain killers can be bad for dogs. A long time ago I carried rattlesnake antivenin but that was before the price skyrocketed. Went from $75 per vial to over a thousand.

    I used to administer rattlesnake vaccinations until I learned that there were rare fatal adverse reactions associated with it. Autoimmune reaction can kick in and cause idiopathic thrombocytopenia and they bleed to death internally. Now I just rely upon rattlesnake avoidance training.

    • I had NOTHING in my house other than 4 Band-aids. The little kit is good and has everything in it for dog or human on the trail, so it’s going in my day pack. I did rattlesnake avoidance training with my huskies. VERY effective. πŸ™‚

  5. Multiple first aid kits can always come in handy. In case you can’t find one, there’s that other one somewhere. I also think Teddy would share if need be. Hope the healing is progressing quickly. That cone must be slowing him down!

  6. Oh! Martha I had to laugh a little and then cautioned my husband about sending unexpected gifts to people!! I’m very glad to hear that 1. you are not having dementia issues 2. that you have a very thoughtful friend who obviously cares a great deal about your safety and health and 3. that Teddy had amended his attitude and no longer is throwing himself at the door! I have several first aid kits – one in each bathroom (3), one for pets and one for the car. I always think of Chuck Yeager – “Never wait for trouble.”

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