Not a Cone of “shame”

“Why won’t the Bear play with me any more?”

“It’s that thing on your head, Teddy. It’s not much fun to have that thing crash into you.”

“But she WANTS to play with me then when I play back, she turns away!”

“I know, Buddy. 12 more days. Then we’ll say ‘adieu’ to the cone.”

“What does that mean?”

“Never mind. I don’t really know any more.”

“That was a nice kitty.”

“You REMEMBER that?”

“Well, yeah. I’m an Australian shepherd.”

“Oh yeah. Teddy, you’re doing a lot better with everything now that you have that cone.”


“Never mind. I love you little guy.”

“I love you too, Martha. Do you like the way I learned to give you my little foot when you ask?”

“Yes. That’s a wonderful thing you’ve learned. The kids will be glad to see you’ve learned to shake hands.”


“Listen, tomorrow you’re getting little boots in the mail, and I’m going to ask Dr. Crawford if it’s OK for you to go on walks.”

“WALK!!!! YES! YES!”

“I keep forgetting.”

“Now? How about now? And NOW??”

“No, Teddy, not now. I don’t know if it’s OK on your foot to take a walk. When it is, I’ll take you. I promise. We just have to wait.”

“I’ll wait.” Teddy stops still and sits on the kitchen rug, looks at me in pride. “Aren’t I a good boy?”

“You’re such a good little guy, Teddy. I really LOVE the way you stay completely away from the front door, but, thanks to you, I have to paint the damned thing.”



(you’d talk to your dogs, too, if you’d been more or less alone with them for 10 months)
The featured photo is Teddy licking the remnants of my coffee with cream from my cup. The cone is great. It’s not inhibiting Teddy at all but it does make it difficult for him to do things that would hurt him. For those who don’t compulsively follow my blog, Teddy is a 30 pound mini-Aussie who had the custom of launching himself at my front door from the arm of the sofa when the UPS guy came. As an old door, it didn’t have safety glass windows. Last week his front paw went through the glass. In the mean time, the glass has been removed and replaced with masonite.

28 thoughts on “Not a Cone of “shame”

    • Teddy wants to meet them so he can chase them. Bear wants to protect them from danger. I just say, “Hi Kitties! Take good care of Lois.” ❤

  1. Aww, Teddy — I’m sorry Bear doesn’t want to play with you, but it’s only for a little while. and maybe you’ll at least be able to go for a walk before the cone comes off! (Martha misses that too!) In the meantime, you are learning that it’s no fun to grow up quickly! Stay warm, and let your foot heal well! ❤

    • I told him but he doesn’t understand “while.” I’m really hoping that it will be OK to take him for a walk with Bear. I think that will be good for him, but that’s not something he can do with a baggy taped to his leg. 😦 ❤

  2. I’m always talking to my cats.. It’s generally ‘do you want food’ ‘come and sit on me’ and ‘do you want to go out’/’do you want to come in’. I’m very polite to them except when they sharpen their claws on my knee!
    Love to Teddy and Bear (and to you of course)! 💕

  3. If you can get him to keep keep that cone on his foot, you’re doing well. Dogs are better behaved. Twice now our cat Angus came home with a cone after his procedures and went wild the minute he got out of the carrier. Dashed, banged, crashed, and had it off in five minutes. 🙂
    Enjoyed your dialogue.

    • Thank you! Teddy is doing well so far. I think on some level he understands what’s going on. My cats were always a lot more crazy with the cones than any of my dogs have been. 🙂

  4. Finley wanted in on the conversation and was wondering when trees bud if she and Momma could ever go West and walk with Teddy, Bear, and you. And I said, “wouldn’t that be dreamy Finn?” She also said “Hang in there, Teddy. When I had my leg taken off it was amazing how fast I healed. And I had to wear a cone. And then many weeks after I did t get as much sympathy; but Momma loved and wanted me to keep on going. Just like you!” Love and fellow dog sympathy 💚❤️♥️ Finn and me

  5. Aussies are so smart! Learning new tricks is the kind of mental stimulation they love. I hope the boots work for Teddy. I’m certain he’d enjoy a nice walk in the cold and snow with Bear and you…

  6. Does Teddy bump into the furniture with the cone? It is quite hilarious, and sad, when they are getting used to their cone.
    I hope he will be able to go for some gentle walks soon. There is less to bump into the Great Empty. 🙂

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