Quotidian Update 9,999,243,479.i.2b (warning, gory photo)

Teddy is 100% accountable for taking off his bandage, pulling out his stitches, and leaving one of his TWO wounds open. No way around it. It’s Teddy’s fault that I’m up at 6 am so I’ll be able to call the vet at 7:30. And Teddy will be 100% accountable for having to wear a cone (and the vet it accountable for not giving him one in the first place). He’s also accountable for being the drain of my stimulus funds. And I am 100% accountable for not having first aid stuff around the house. TOTALLY my bad on that. And God is accountable for FINALLY sending snow just when it would be nice not to have to worry about Teddy’s foot getting wet but it’s OK, God. We all like the snow and it was fun watching Teddy spinning around in the yard yesterday harassing the squirrel high in the alder tree.

So here I am. Up and doing chores a good (I hope they’re good) two hours before usual. And accountability really just means “Who do we blame for THIS mess?”

But in good news, I woke up this morning at 4 am SURE it was Saturday, and I’d only have a narrow 3 hour window to take Teddy to the vet, but it’s only Friday. I’m accountable for not knowing what day it is… Yay COVID. I hope someone writes a science fiction story about the COVID time warp.

I don’t know if it’s the effect of the last four years of 45 + the virus, but I find I don’t have the same “nerve stamina” I used to have. I wonder if all of us aren’t just a little more edgy than we would be in “normal” times. I think this has all been very wearing but, at the same time, life is just wearing which is, I guess, only to be expected. Truly every calm moment stolen from the chaos and stress is something to savor. I think that’s one reason I like the Refuge so much. Very very very often it is totally silent — or as close to that as any place can get with a road in the distance. Sometimes I head out with the dogs and after 1/2 mile I just stand there and soak in the silence, cushioned in the knowledge that right then, and right there, all I have to do is stand still and savor it. For however long that is, nothing is going to happen.

The Good X’ mom had four kids and sometimes she would just go sit in the tree-filled, shady VERY back of their large yard. All the kids knew that she just needed some quiet and they had to leave her alone. With all the noise in our world that’s just not easy to do and how often do we realize we need to do that? I used to get up at 4:30 so I could have an hour of peace before the noise of driving and teaching and driving and teaching.

Meanwhile, Teddy is on the floor behind me. His wound wrapped in a paper towel, fastened with packing tape. Over that is one of those little grippy socks they give you in the hospital, taped with packing tape. Yeah, duct tape works better, but it’s hard to get off. He’s wearing a t-shirt which MIGHT (though it’s doubtful) keep him from worrying about his foot. When I go to the vet, I’m going to ask for a cone and some bandaging material. I’ll also ask if can wrap the wound so his foot is free. That way he can go outside and play. There’s no way to keep it dry otherwise. I’m still not going to stores, so… I did try explaining to Teddy that it’s healing and another week will make a big difference, but Bear interrupted saying, “We don’t understand that ‘week’ ‘day’ thing you are always talking about.”


19 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 9,999,243,479.i.2b (warning, gory photo)

  1. You say ‘gory photo’ and I say ‘let me just see for myself.’ You were right. Poor Teddy. Oh, that cone. I feel for you, little buddy.
    ‘Soak in the silence’–that is such a beautiful thing. When I used to run, it was at 4am. It was still dark outside, except for the street lights and those lights people have that detect motion and light up–they would always scare the heck out of me. But the silence was what I loved. Just my footsteps on the road and whatever birds were waking up. The sounds of silence were never more pleasant.

  2. Looks like the cut is healing nicely by second intention – probably what caused him to worry it because healing makes it itch… The cone is a really good idea. Anyway, Teddy will learn some more lessons. He seems intent on learning everything the hard way. (Is he a closet Republican?) Hope the early hours will pay off in a leisurely afternoon and perhaps some time in the Big Empty where you can absorb some positivity and realize inner peace. Hugs to you and Teddy!

    • Thank you, Val. I really couldn’t tell how well this thing is healing. You’ve set my mind at rest. I think Teddy is, like his “mom,” a “crash test dummy.” I don’t learn the easy way either. πŸ˜€

  3. Oh, dear — life is never easy! I’m a little surprised they didn’t give Teddy a cone when you were there before, but I hope that will help keep the bandage on! I’m not a vet, but the wound does look as if it is healing properly! And hopefully you and Bear can get out and enjoy the silence of the Big Empty! ❀

  4. What in the heck happened to Teddy? Poor baby! And it sounds like everyone is taking accountability ;-). Hugs to you all. Teddy, be a good boy and let your wound heal. Bear we get it. πŸ’šπŸΆ

  5. Can I just say here, Martha, that my husband is accountable for Makea’s latest incident that led to a $3k vet bill this week. I cannot say that on my blog because we need him to be a grown up and get out of bed and not be so ‘wounded’, aka guilt ridden. Men!
    Teddy’s wound looks clean. He’s a super little dog and will soon be striding out in the snow once he is stitched up again and that wound heals.

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