Teddy’s Traumatic Afternoon

Australian shepherds are known for being passionate, wild-at-heart and driven — and, by and large, happy dogs. Teddy is all those things. He’s a sweet, loving little guy and I love him to pieces. But…like all Aussies and all young dogs, he has his “glitches.”

One of them got him into trouble yesterday and gave me something to do with that stimulus money (ha ha).

Until yesterday, my front door was a French door. It is the original door for this 96 year old house and the panes of glass are/were not tempered glass like you find in such doors today. My sofa is against the wall and at a 90 degree angle to the door. There are about 6 feet between the door and the arm of the sofa.

Teddy uses the arm of the sofa as a launching pad when someone leaves something on my porch. Yesterday he launched himself at the door and broke a pane. He cut off a dew claw from his left from paw. Blood was everywhere and he was terrified. He brought his little foot to me in the kitchen as if he were saying, “You have to fix this Martha. It hurts.” I grabbed some paper towels and held them against his little foot to stop the bleeding at least enough to see what happened. Called the vet, “Bring him right in, but you’ll have to leave him.”

“That’s fine.” Got to my wonderful vet and saw people I haven’t seen in nearly a year. That was nice. Teddy went back to a kennel and I came home and called my friend Elizabeth to see if her husband, Bob, could help me measure the door way. I thought I’d have to get a new door but Bob is a very resourceful, skilled and smart guy and he immediately came up with a solution. Replace the glass with Masonite. He immediately went to work. Bear was very happy to see him because she thinks he’s great.

When I went back to get Teddy, there were the most amazing clouds over the Sangre de Cristos. I learned later that recent snow storms (grrrrrr….) have almost brought the annual snowfall level up to break the drought.

The tech at the vet said she wanted to keep Teddy and apologized to me for thinking Teddy was a girl. “He’s just so sweet! We all want to keep him!” I handed over the leash, but she didn’t take it. What’s up with that?

I brought Teddy home and let him sleep in my room until 2 when he felt better and wanted to get back to life as usual with Bear in the living room.

I’m so grateful to good neighbors and friends. ❤


42 thoughts on “Teddy’s Traumatic Afternoon

  1. Awww — poor Teddy! I’m glad he feels better! But it seems that Bob had a good solution that will protect both Teddy and the character of the door!

  2. When you get a chance, replace that Masonite with plexiglass. Teddy’s claws may be able to scratch it but she won’t be shattering it and it will let in light. It is real easy to cut and is better at insulating than glass. Not as likely to break because it is flexible and if it dose break the pieces aren’t particularly sharp.

    Of course it isn’t as pretty but it does let the light through. We use it to close the opening when we open a window to install air conditioners for the summer.

    Right now there is an extreme shortage of plexiglass due to its use for COVID-19 barriers but that will ease.

    • I was kind of a mess, but Teddy was worse, poor guy. And Bear was pretty upset as well. Now the door is fixed, Teddy is not messing with his bandages and, for now, all is right with the world.

    • The package did have dog treats but Teddyhas jumped at that door at every delivery guy. I don’t think he will do it any more. Just the sound of glass breaking today was enough to make him leave the room. 😀 He has a few stitches. He’s such a good dog. He came in the morning and started fussing at the bandage and I just calmly said, “No, Teddy. Don’t do that.” And he stopped and has left it alone all day.

  3. Mercy! I’m glad that it was only a minor emergency! Working in Vet clinics I’ve seen a lot of dogs go through glass windows. They are usually Irish Setters. But I’ve seen picture windows shattered and the dogs cut to ribbons… Teddy got off easy considering what could have been. Aussies are smart and I’m glad he listens to you. Give him a hug from me!

  4. Now I know the backstory (Like a good student I went back to find details). I’m so glad Teddy wasn’t hurt worse. And what wonderful neighbors (great job, Bob~and a Bear hug!). 🐶♥️

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